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The original Japanese form of Reiki is markedly different from the manner in which it has ended up being practised in the West. Originally known as Usui Teate, it was considered a spiritual path to enlightenment, based around meditation, self-healing and regular spiritual empowerments. Considerable emphasis was also placed on the importance of living and practising the Reiki precepts.

Usui’s system was deeply rooted in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism, with Tendai Buddhism providing the spiritual teachings and Shintoism contributing methods of controlling and working with the energies.

This integrated Reiki course takes Western-style Reiki back to its traditional Japanese roots and reveals the original practices and techniques established by Mikao Usui in the 1920s. Remarkably, about a dozen of his students are still alive, the youngest of whom is 107 years old. They will only speak with one or two people in the West, and much of the information contained within this course has been shared with Chris Marsh, a Reiki Master and high-level Japanese martial arts practitioner from the North East of England.

The remainder of the information has been uncovered by Frank Arjava Petter (a Reiki Master living in Japan ) and Hiroshi Doi (a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai). However, the most reliable and exciting material comes from Usui’s surviving students.

Shoden (First Degree) 

The First Degree or Shoden level covers the accurate history of the origins of Reiki, and the differences between Japanese and Western Reiki . Daily energy exercises to help strengthen and purify the Reiki channel known as Hatsurei Ho will be learnt, as well as Usui’s original self-treatment approaches (including a powerful self-treatment meditation).

You will receive 3 Reiju empowerments (using Usui’s original method) to connect you to the Reiki energy.

The following topics, and much more, will be covered in the course:

– What is Reiki?
– The history of Reiki.
– The Usui Memorial.
– The Reiki Principles.
– Poems of the Meiji Emperor.
– The original Japanese form of Reiki.
– What you will feel when treating others.
– What people feel when they are being treated.
– The effects of Reiki attunements.
– The effects of Reiki on patients.
– Using Reiki with other therapies.
– Hatsurei Ho.
– Self-treatments.
– Giving Reiki treatments.
– Distant healing.
– Treating plants and animals.

Okuden Level II 

At this level you will learn the original Usui Japanese energy exercises to further develop your intuition, along with Western techniques to assist your own personal growth and healing. The 3 Reiju empowerments given in this course will enable you to ‘hold’ and channel more energy than before. These empowerments also serve to connect you strongly to aspects of the energy, which are represented by the Reiki symbols.

Methods for using the 3 Reiki symbols and mantras will be covered, including their use as a basis for self-treatment, as a means of making treatments stronger and more effective, plus some other simple approaches from Japan .

The following is a selection of the material covered:

– The Reiki kotodama: an original method of connecting to the Second Degree energies.
– Original methods for using the symbols, including a symbol meditation.
– Methods for increasing the flow of energy.
– Usui’s scanning and intuitive techniques, known as Byosen Reikan Ho and Reiji Ho (which allow the Reiki energy to guide the hands, instead of rigidly following the set hand positions).
– Reiki treatments.
– Specific treatment techniques.
– Distant healing.
– Intuition and intent.
– Healing with the eyes and breath (Gyoshi Ho and Koki Ho).
– Grounding and protection.

Shinpiden (Master Level) 

The Shinpiden course concentrates on three main areas: the use of Reiju empowerments, the use of kotodama at Master level, and ways of empowering yourself.

As this is an integrated course, you will learn the Western-style attunement methods in addition to the original Japanese Reiju empowerments. Reiju was the means by which Usui connected his students to Reiki, and by repeating them at regular intervals, both spiritual development and sensitivity to the energy can be enhanced and the intuition strengthened. The use of kotodama (sacred sounds) in healing and attuning will also be explored – these are wonderful Shinto mantras, which predate the use of the Reiki symbols.

You will experience a considerable increase in the flow of healing energy at this level, as the Master empowerments and attunements fully open your energy system to Reiki, and this will also increase the effectiveness of your treatments. This course includes many additional techniques, which will enable you to treat others more effectively and you will receive indepth instructions for passing the Reiki ability to others.

The following is a partial list of subjects covered at this level:

– Detailed history and background of Reiki.
– Overview of Usui’s system.
– Energy exercises.
– The role of ‘mindfulness’ in Usui’s system.
– The Reiki Kotodama.
– Working with intuition.
– Usui’s crystal healing method.
-‘Gakkai’ Reiki Techniques (see Masters Update course for full list).
– Reiju empowerments.
– Reiju variations.
– Western attunement procedures.
– Lotus Repentence Meditation.

Shihan- (Reiki IV) (4th Degree- Master/Teacher)



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