Munay Ki Shamanic Rites



The Rites are now available by distance to those wanting to teach the Munay Ki and pass the Rites on to others, and for those who want to experience truly extraordinary shifts in consciousness. The Inka prophecies speak of a new human appearing on the Earth – one who lives free of fear and resides in their transcendent nature. In 2006 the Q’ero shamans of the Andes felt it was time for these 9 Munay Ki Rites to be transmitted to as many people as possible and that once all 9 Rites have been received, the recipients are requested to pass them on to others. According to the prophecy, we will then witness the taripaypacha: the dawning of a new golden age – where humans live in peace and harmony with each other and all creation.


You can receive the rites for your own personal use – you do not have to teach and pass on.

We are standing at the edge of time.  A new age is emerging.  Prophesied for the year 2012 by the Mayan calendar, and by many other traditions, we are in the process of taking a giant leap of consciousness, of human evolution.  Whilst this date has passed, it will take many years to integrate these energies and many more energetic downloads will be coming through in the coming years, facilitating further shifts within ourselves.

It was Einstein who said that we can’t change things at the level at which they were created.   Through the Munay-Ki we are preparing our luminous energy bodies for the great turning, what the Inca tradition called the Pachacuti… when the world turns again the right way up.  For the first time in our evolution these rites are being transmitted person to person, we are passing them on – rather like a virus – one that empowers rather than incapacitates, one that is filled with love rather than fear, and one that makes us available for life rather than lifelessness.

These rites are the codes of the new human that is evolving right now, they will heal our old wounds, and like a great hand reaching from the future into the present will pull us inexorably towards who we are becoming, changing our DNA, re-informing our luminous energy field, not from past experiences, but from who we will be.  Creating an energetic structure that will hold a new myth for mankind.

We agreed to be here at this great time, for the shifts that are taking place right now, we are here to contribute to the great turning, and we are here to answer the call, to step away from the nightmare that is being dreamed for us and dream a new world into being, a world that meets our need for connection, for belonging, and for right relationship between all beings.

This is the way of the Munay Ki: that as we download these new codes into our field: we are creating an energetic structure that will hold a new dream, a dream of peace and harmony on this our planet earth.

You know if you are called to this work; you will be wanting to receive and also learn how to gift these nine great initiations to others, you will know by the yearning in your soul for something other than that which you are experiencing in the world.  You already know deep within you that there is another way to live, another way to participate in creation.  As you gift these on to others you grow them within you.

During your time with us the shifts and changes that occur in our luminous energy field alone supports our evolution. For we are evolving even between generations, we are becoming homo luminous – the next step on from homo sapiens sapiens (human who knows it all!!)  We are evolving into the shining ones, the bright ones, who the Inka call Children of the Sun.  We are the ones we have been waiting for!


    • Strengthens your intuition and healing abilities
    • Heals and balances your inner feminine and masculine
    • Activates communication with your guides and helps you to perceive energies with your physical eyes (not just your inner or mind’s eye)
    • Opens and facilitates healing of your heart chakra
    • Increases and enhances your capacity and ability to create
    • Accelerates your spiritual evolution by shifting your consciousness
    • Enables you to stand in your own power, assert your boundaries and take back control of your life!
  • Assists you to manifest and co-create at a faster pace


Tools needed to receive/pass on the rites:

  1. You will need to purchase a pi stone (donut) which is not smaller than 40mm – preferably 50mm. If you are not able to source this, you can use a crystal.
  2. Seven crystals, one for each chakra – each stone to be the color of the chakra they are representing.



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