Sacred Moon Energies Package


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There is no wrong time, but new moons and full moons are excellent times when it seems to be more potent to work with intentions, ceremonies, invocations, and releases.

The full moon, with its intense amount of energy, is a good time for releasing and manifesting. It is important to take action, harness this powerful energy and make use of it in a positive way. Take this time to let go and cleanse. Purge things that no longer serve you, release yourself from old attitudes or thoughts that block you from being your best self.  If you are feeling stuck in and having difficulty on moving towards your goals, use this opportunity to tap into the full moon’s energy to bring back growth into your life. Remember that the full moon in its luminescence and brightest phase brings immense energy and amplifies whatever it is that you are thinking, feeling or doing. So stay positive and be positive throughout the full moon.

Whereas the cycle of the full moon is a suitable time for purging old ways, the new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions. Seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This is also true for cultivating our ideas and clearing the way for our visions to surface and become our new reality.

Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  • Angelic Moonstone Essence
  • Isis Blue Moon
  • Kali Ma New Moon Empowerment
  • Lunar Light 1 & 2
  • Blue Moon Energy
  • Grandmother Moon
  • Ocean Mother Full Moon
  • Moon Reiki
  • Power of Ixchel Reiki
  • Sacred Moon Reiki
  • Sacred Silver Moon
  • Selene Goddess of the Moon
  • Silver Moon Energy Treatment
  • The Moon
  • Waxing Moon Initiation
  • Reconnection of Coral Ray
  • Lunar Phase Meditation Program
    Lunar Phase Meditation Program is a program of meditation that coordinates with certain times to overchanging of the moon phase itself. Every phase of Lunar has it’s own influence of energy to the universe. Lunar Phase meditation programs consist of seven phase :
    1. New Moon.
    2. Waxing Crescent Moon.
    3. First Quarter Moon.
    4. Waxing Gibbous Moon.
    5. Full Moon.
    6. Waning Gibbous Moon.
    7. Waning Crescent Moon. 



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