Holistic Wellness: Harmonizing Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing




When was the last time you felt great? Like, feeling blissful, pain-free, and energized? Sadly, too many of us are living with pain or disease with no easy solutions for recovery in sight.

Fortunately, the rise of holistic modalities has provided encouraging options for alternative care when traditional methods have been unsuccessful. Although practiced for thousands of years, holistic modalities are only now being accepted into mainstream medical practices to relieve pain and even cure disease.

This course is intended to empower you with some of the many alternative health care solutions you have for addressing your family’s health problems.

Combining two or more of the suggested therapies is very beneficial. You may need to experiment and come to your perfect combination of therapies by trial and error. There are, however, some techniques that will blend better with your individual lifestyle and needs, so you may want to choose one or more that fits your personality or that is comfortable within your family’s living style. Joining therapies from two different systems helps to enhance each of the individual systems.


Module 1



Module 2

What is holistic wellness

Physical wellness

Social wellness

Emotional wellness

Intellectual wellness

Occupational wellness

Environmental wellness

Spiritual wellness

The benefits of maintaining holistic wellness


Module 3

Healthy eating

The healthy eating pyramid

The fundamentals of healthy eating

Setting yourself up for success

Prepare more of your own meals

Make the right changes

Read the labels

Focus on how you feel after eating

Drink plenty of water

Moderation: Important to any healthy diet

Think smaller portions

Take your time

Eat with others

Limit snack foods in the home

Control emotional healing

It is when you eat

Add fruit and vegetables

How to make vegetables tasty

Plan your meals by the week or the month

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

Cook when you can


Module 4

The mind and emotions

Anger, fear, anxiety and worry

How the mind and emotions influence your health


Module 5

Subtle Energies

Energy blockages

Mental energy

Sexual energy

Karmic energy

Spiritual energy

Interpersonal energy

Ancestral energy


Module 6

The chakras and healing

The seven chakras

Tuning into your chakras

Meanings and symbols

When the chakras are overactive

How to balance the chakras

When the chakras are underactive

Video:       How to open the chakras


Module 7

Sensing energies

How to develop your ability to perceive

Exercise to become aware of subtle energies

How to amplify your sensitivity to subtle energies

How to start sensing and feeling subtle energies

Energy sensing exercises


Module 8

Preparing for a healing

Relax, ground and center

Raise your vibration




Meditation or Prayer

Non-attachment to the outcome

Energy Healer Ethics


Module 9

The art of breathing for optimum health

The complete breath

Expand your breath capacity

Breath to purify and cleanse


Module 10

Balancing Yin and Yang

Be aware of changes in your stress levels

Tap into the energy of joy and inspiration

Eliminate phantom stress

Western energy balance

Holistic energy balance

Balancing yin and yang energy in the body and mind

Exercise: Balancing Yin and Yang energy

Get rid of old behavioural patterns

Replace a dysfunctional template with a healthier one

Follow the energy of bliss

Put your attention inward


Module 11

Movement meditation

Guidelines for movement meditation


Dervish dancing

Cathartic dance


Module 12

The power of laughter

Health benefits of laughter

Bring laughter into your relationships

Bring laughter into your workplace

Bring laughter into your home


Module 13

Yin-Qi and Yang-Qi

Wood element correspondences

Fire element correspondences

Earth element correspondences

Metal element correspondences

Water element correspondences

Uses of the Five element system in Chinese Medicine

Five Element generating and control cycles

Creation, Nourishment and Mother cycle

Destruction cycle

Overacting cycle

Insulting cycle

The four meridian functions

Eight guiding principles

Five Element quiz

Water : The Philosopher

Wood: The Pioneer

Fire: The Manifester

Earth: The Stabilizer

Metal: The Organizer

Fire Element meridians

Symptoms of imbalance

Related emotional stagnation or blockage

Earth Element meridians

Symptoms of imbalance

Related emotional stagnation or blockage

Metal Element meridians

Symptoms of imbalance

Related emotional stagnation or blockage

Water Element meridians

Symptoms of imbalance

Related emotional stagnation or blockage

Earth Element meridians

Symptoms of imbalance

Related emotional stagnation or blockage

The Doyo Period

Healing strategies for various dis-eases

Questions to ask yourself

The Inner Smile practise


Module 14

Auric healing

The holographic corona

Your spiritual skin

The aura

Layers of light

Sensing and reading the aura

The electric body of health

Aura cleansing

Healthy aura, healthy body


Module 15

Holistic wellness for animals




Tissue salts

Common health problems

Dosage of tissue salts in pets


Module 16

History of sound healing

What is sound healing?

Science of sound healing

How sound can heal you

Types of sound healing therapies

Instruments used in sound healing




Hammered Dulcimer




Native American flute

Rain Stick

Singing bowl

Tuning Fork

Wind chimes

March to your own beat


Module 17

Creative Visualization

Do our thoughts have an effect on healing

Define your specific intention

Take responsibility


Module 18

Herbal teas

Origins of herbal teas

Health benefits of herbal teas

Tea blends to savor every day

Herbal teas for children and babies

Herbal teas for pregnant moms


Module 19

Meditative painting

Body-mind connection of meditative painting

How to


Module 20

Cooking with healing herbs and spices

How to store spices for longevity

Medicinal uses

Which herbs and spices are the most potent dis-ease preventers

Selecting spices for their medicinal benefits

Make herb butter




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