Financial Influx Service




This is a sequence of attunements that need to be taken in the order listed in the manual. Some are Shakti, Divine Intelligences whose names denote their specific functions. Others are teams of helpers in the Light of Source who will do what their names specify. This is a self healing system for activation and use on you only. Your responsibility is to allow, and to choose how often to activate this system.
These include; Dissolver Shakti: To melt away blocks or limiting beliefs in your financial influx pathways – Tikkun Shakti: Existing pathway repair – New Pathway Creator Team – Pipeline Fortification Team – Influx Upgrade Empowerment – Monetary Energy Burst – Flow Pulse Harmonization – Integration Field: Full connection with you – Financial Provision Divine Protection Field – All Systems GO! – Continual Maintenance Ray – Increase Flow Dial: Increase or decrease flow as desired with intent.


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