Good Luck, Fate and Fortune Package


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This package consists of manuals which help connect you to the energies of attracting wealth, good fortune, abundance, wisdom, prosperity, enlightenment, long life, happiness.

One of the attunements is Vasundhara “Bearer of Treasure” the bountiful goddess, the giver of wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

As the goddess of plenty, Vasundhara makes the gift-bestowal (varada) and holds the auspicious vase-of-abundance in her principal.

Goddess Vasundhara will help you with:

  • Wealth
  • Good Fortune
  • Wisdom
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Enlightenment
  • Praise
  • Happiness
  • Strength


  1. 7 Gods of Luck Reiki
  2. Abundantia’s Abundance
  3. Adad Lightning Fork Essence
  4. Ashvins Kumaras (if purchased separately $300 / R4200)
  5. Cat Eye Vortex
  6. Good Fortune Prosperity Empowerment
  7. Chaisenyeh God of Wealth
  8. Dandelion Wealth Luck Wish attunement
  9. Dragonheart Essential
  10. Financial Fear Flush
  11. Fortuna Luck Ray
  12. Fuk Lul Sau
  13. Ganesha Anointing
  14. Golden Magnetic Success
  15. Green Diamond Magic (if purchased separately $216 / R3 100)
  16. Joyful Wealth Reiki
  17. Lucky Luck Flush
  18. Lucky Friday 13th
  19. Magic Ray Protection
  20. Magick and Healing of Sweet Basil
  21. Magickal Force of Kalasha
  22. Mind Energy Blast
  23. Probo Sentoso Energy Empowerment
  24. Seven Lucky Gods of Japan
  25. Shen Wan Shan Richness Treasures Reiki
  26. Shooting Green Star Energy
  27. Tsai Shen Yeh Taois God of Wealth Empowerment
  28. Tua Pek Kong Prosperity & Luck Reiki
  29. Vasundhara Goddess of Empowerment
  30. Zana Fairy Empowerment








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