Crystal & Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki Package



Pre-requisite: Reiki Master

Crystal & Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki were channeled in 2022 by Jay Burrell.

Within this series, you will receive the attunements to 2 very special and unique energy systems that have been channeled to bring forth dimensional healing and personal awakening of the mind, body & spirit. Below you will find information about both systems and how they will help you on your spiritual and  life’s path.


Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki is an attunement of transformation and divinely guided energies that work to open up your energies to deeply transformative forces as you move forwards to new pathways of healing and self-awareness. Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki will help you on your spiritual path as you continue to move forward in your Incarnation and as you transition into these truly divine and love-filled vibrations. Through this series of Attunements {10 in total}, you will be invited to continue moving through deeper and deeper layers of purification and healing so that you can continue to awaken and grow to the many new truths and understandings that add to your existing dimensional reality of love, healing and unity. These new frequencies, known to us simply as “The New Crystalline Consciousness” are an important step in energetic vibration for all of humanity and the universal consciousness. Due to the incredible leap forward that you will be taking, you will learn that you need to let go and release old layers of energy that are holding you back from progressing forward on your spiritual and life path. As part of the Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki series, you will be challenged and pushed towards letting go of old behavioral patterns, old modes of thinking and old lifestyle routines. Please know that above all, this is a very important part of your ascension journey towards a wider and deeper understanding of truth, inner peace and love. I understand that you have travelled far on your spiritual path where you have healed, purged and ascended to higher levels of consciousness and there have no doubt been difficult times that have come to the surface during this process. Always know that through the process of ascension inner darkness and energetic impurities have been brought to the surface for healing and transformation.

The Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki energies are given in 2 parts. The first of these is the “The Phase of Spiritual Ascension”. This is received through the first 5 levels of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki. This first phase will help you to transition into the higher vibrations of the new Crystal Consciousness in a way that spirals your energetic vibration upwards and outwards at each layer of the healing and purification process. When you ascend and transition into the new Crystal Consciousness through the Ascension Phase, the full body of crystal light will have been installed within your energy system. The 2nd phase will guide you towards continued expansion and a more expansive way of connecting with the Crystal Light. This second phase has been aptly called “The Expansive Phase of Ascension & Enlightenment” and is studied through manuals 6-10. Throughout the Crystal LightCode Ascension Series, channeled information, light code encoding and the 10 sacred initiations will guide you in a perfect and loving way so you can evolve into higher states of consciousness through truth, oneness and unconditional love for all beings.

Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki will help with the following and much more: 

  • The energies of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki will allow you to “see” clearly based on love and truth as opposed to fear.
  • You will learn how to ground your energies firmly into states of love, light and truth. For example, when the energies of hatred, anger, jealousy and untruth are reduced or eliminated, you are able to see more clearly and with more purpose.
  • As the Crystal Consciousness and LightCode Symbols awaken within you, you will begin to see the world through the eyes of love and truth that come from deeper feelings of kindness, compassion, unity and oneness.
  • Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki will bring an awakening within the Heart Chakra which will flood your body with the energies of peace, truth and love. Inside this new deepened feeling of love a sense of renunciation that was inspired and focused on dedicating your life to your Dharma; in full service to the love-based unified consciousness.

Introduction to Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki Levels 1-10

* Level 1 – I would like to take you on a journey of Spiritual Ascension. It is through this phase that you will begin the transition into the New Crystalline Consciousness. Within this state, the energies and channeled symbols are encoded into your auric field and chakras. This first phase of ascension is about ascending and transitioning upwards into this new vibrational state.

* Level 2 – Within the 2nd level, I again welcome you to this new uplifting cycle of love and light. Within each of the ascension cycles, there will be a vast amount of healing, purging, purification, growth, learning, expansion and blossoming of the soul. With the energies now set in place, you are energetically aligned to embark on this new step on your Crystal Ascension Journey.

* Level 3 – During the 3rd level, the general format for receiving the energies will be very similar in that you will be guided through a series of chapters which will help you to heal, purify and ascend into a new layer of Crystalline Light.

* Level 4 – The 4th level of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki is your next step in the evolution of your Crystal Mind. This is a deeply embedded level where you will align with and resonate at the level of higher divine Crystal Consciousness. Your spirit connection will soar to higher levels of awareness as you continue to let go of many layers of old, superfluous energy so you can fully embrace the Crystalline Light. Throughout time, the darkness and negativity of the lower realms have tormented this brilliant light, however now, through a series of reverberations, you are here, being welcomed into the Crystal Light where the energies of the Crystal Guardians are blossoming here at this point in humanities spiritual evolution.

* Level 5 – Level 5 is the final phase of ascension and steps into the vibration of the Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki energies. At this level, you will be welcomed into the new Crystalline Consciousness with divine love and sacred light. This is a very important step and it will be one that will pave the way towards a full absorption and assimilation of the New Crystalline Consciousness. As a by-product of this higher vibration as you start receiving these new energies, you may notice that your overall perspectives are starting to change as you begin to see and focus on light expansion practices rather than just reducing the darkness. During the 5th level of your New Crystalline Ascension, you will realize that you are looking at the same thing from two different perspectives, only the latter perspective is of a much higher and more intense vibration.

* Level 6 – Level 6 brings forth the new phase of spiritual expansion, growth and divine oneness for it is here during these coming levels and the information that is given to you via the channelled manuals that you will expand into the new Crystalline Consciousness. Having now completed the ‘Ascension’ phase, you have formally been welcomed into the new vibrations of a Crystalline Conscious and Spiritual Expansion. Your Crystal Pathway and with all of the deep inner healing work that you have done, you will now be guided towards a significant expansion and blossoming of your infinite self so you can radiate and shine brighter than you have done before. The inner light will expand outwards into all levels of creation and dimensions.

* Level 7 – At this next level of advanced healing and ascension, you will be brought to a deepened state of healing as you propel your life forwards toward a greater understanding of your Crystalline Pathway. I understand that the journey to this stage has been intense and you have experienced deep clearings, purging and purification of the spiritual trinity of mind, body & spirit. This energy brings forth a layer of pink light into the core of your heart chakra to provide and encapsulate the Violet Flame from the 6th level. The energies here are strong and are in no way timid. They will bring forth many complex behavioural energy patterns in your thinking and your perspective of the world around you. Those things that hold you back, the undiscovered fearful mechanisms that keep you trapped, the faith-deprived actions that cause you to suffer. You will become aware of these as you arise and release them.

* Level 8 – At this new and exciting level, you will be opening up to another layer of these beautiful expansive vibrations that come to you from the Love Expansion energies of the Green Ray. Here in the second layer of the Love Expansion, you will experience a series of transformations that come from within the core of your being. First, by opening a space within the Heart Chakra, you will allow the green light energies to enter. Second, by expanding the light within your energy field and moving forward into the third layer of change, you will be welcomed with a series of sequencing steps, allowing a full, new dimensional outlook which will highlight the importance and capacity of your heart space.

* Level 9 – Welcome to the penultimate phase of your journey towards Crystal Ascension and the frequencies of the Blue Ray of Truth. Within the 9th level of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki, you will be asked to embrace the vibrations of patience and perseverance as you embark on a deep instillation of new truth-based energies. First, I want you to expand the ‘Truths’ that are already in place. Those that have been previously encoded into your energy field. Secondly and then thirdly, this energy system will contain new layers of ‘Divine Truth’. Unveiling this new Truth brings forth a dimensional leap as the energies are robustly embedded in your life.

* Level 10 – WELCOME to the final Attunement for Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki. It is here that you will be birthed into the New Diamond Consciousness for the infinite blessing of all. During the final level of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki, you will be given the chance to connect with the Diamond Energies as they flow through the Soul Star Chakra and the 7 Chakras within the spiritual body, radiating outwards, touching all layers of your aura, pushing out impurities and expanding the energies of your subtle bodies which will simultaneously raise your vibrations to higher and advanced levels of divine healing and spiritual growth.


Welcome with divine love, gratitude and grace. You are warmly welcomed to the all-new Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki attunements and these beautiful, loving and highly evolved energies. Now that you have worked with the energies of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki and assimilated the symbols, you have now been guided to choose this new advanced set of sacred initiations that will continue the work that you have done through Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki. Through this new doorway into the vibrations of the new Diamond Consciousness Portal, you will uncover, unearth and release many layers of untruth from within as you continue to move forward once again into a deeper and more profound understanding of the oneness vibrations and your own divine truth. You might remember from the Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki manuals that as you deepen your sense of clarity, this will result in the release of untruths as you are guided towards a deeper understanding of your unique true self i.e. your own unique expression of divine oneness. This new Diamond pathway will help to bring about a deepened understanding and feeling of compassion, suffering and therefore humility, grace and inner peace. During this time, you will be guided towards reflecting on and contemplating the intense suffering of all beings and with a deeper sense of compassion, you will be able to connect more deeply to understand and feel the concept of progressing or the benefit of one’s own spiritual path as well as helping others to move into deeper states of oneness. Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki will likely be a divinely unique path for each person receiving the energies and as such, you will likely receive a variety of unique insights into your own truth and for your own journey forwards towards enlightenment and ascension.

Introduction to Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki Levels 1-8

* Level 1 – During phase 1 on your Diamond Pathway, you will connect with your Divine Radiance in order to move forward on your journey of two halves. The first is the embedding and initialisation of “The “Golden Rod of Infinite Light”. Many beings from different dimensional frequencies have come together to ignite and merge this unique vibration and wondrous energy system that is intended as a multi-functional portal through which to receive the vast amounts of golden light that extends down to all humanity from the realms of the Godhead. The second half of your practices are received generating a great inflow of Diamond {golden} light. This expanse in golden light will continue throughout your Diamond Pathway, building on and expanding on each of the previous layers. You are sure to receive a vast amount of radiant light through the first phase and so it has aptly been named “DIAMAR” or “The Diamond Radiant Technique” which will liberate a great series of untruths and negative elements that are holding you back from a true golden pathway.

* Level 2 – Having now received all of these beautiful light energies, you can move forward towards ‘radiating’ these outwards for the infinite benefit of all. The healing practices here are very simple and you will notice that there are a number of resting periods which will allow the new energy time to grow, expand and radiate from deep within the core of your being. When the ‘Infinite Golden Light’ energies have been received through the first level and you have then started to feel and experience the radiance, you can then be guided towards igniting and awakening your independent light for the blessings that they will bring through the 3rd level. In total these energies can be received over a period of time, totalling no less than 2 weeks. During this time, there will be many new energetic changes and expansions taking place within.

* Level 3 – The Diamond Collective GatewayAs mentioned by the Diamond Collective, the 3rd level energies will work to help introduce you to a new depth of understanding about the New Diamond Consciousness. As you continue to progress here and as you receive this new depth of understanding, you will also be naturally led towards a deepened sense of inner clarity, truth and freedom in your life. During the 3rd level, you will be guided into the uplifting energies and into the Diamond Collective Gateway for the benefit of all. For some of you, this process might also present you with some inner challenges here as you are again asked to purge, heal and release many layers of untruth, impurity and energetic debris from within. It is understood that you will have experienced a vast amount of healing, purging and purification on your journey and for this, I would like you to know that your spiritual progression is continually being guided by higher beings and spirit guides who understand how difficult this pathway can be as you are continually being asked to let go and release older layers of ‘egoic’ consciousness. However, this of course guides you towards a deepened sense of the new ‘unified love’ consciousness in your life.

* Level 4 – Welcome to your continued path forwards on this beautiful and ever-loving Diamond Pathway. To start, I hope that you have been working hard to assimilate the energies and symbols of diamond LightCode levels 1-3 as well as the continued work of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki. You are now ready to move forward once again into new and higher levels of conscious awareness. Within the 4th level, you will be aligned with the vibrations of the ‘Golden Pilar of Infinite Light’ and to this next step forwards on your pathway of Ascension.

* Level 5 – Welcome to the 5th level and your journey towards the Golden Pilar of Infinite Light. To begin this journey, I would like to share with you a channelled message that has been given through the  Diamond Guardians: “Welcome to the Golden Pilar of Infinite Light, a new phase of ascension and awakening. Having set the foundations for this energy in level 3, you are now ready to spread your wings and expand your being through a golden awakening. You have walked far on this journey and we are proud of you. You are now being asked to allow the Golden Pilar {Awakening} to unfold new passages of divinity and understanding. We are always with you”

* Level 6 – The teachings of level 6 will again be short but they will consist of an intensive set of healing practices. While the Guardians have explained that these new energies are “vastly different” from those received through level 5, the overall format for the healing practices is very similar. As such, you will be asked to take another mini spiritual retreat prior to starting the actual practices {as they are slightly different from those that were presented before}. Please be sure to follow these guidelines in order to receive the fullness of the level 6 energies and channeled symbols. Having now reached this point, you are now very much immersed in the Imperial Rainbow Ascension energies and with this, you are ready to take this wonderfully rewarding and divinely enriching step forwards here for the infinite benefit of all.

* Level 7 – The 7th level of Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki brought forth the final phase of darkness that related to many layers of untruth about whom we believe we are. It was at this stage of the Ascension journey that we might experience a dramatic increase in weight {physical weight}. This is a physical representation of the rising of the old truths and pains to be purged from the body once and for all. When you reach the end of the ascension process it will be here that you gain the realisation that “everything about how you see yourself is a lie”. This great list of untruths about how we see ourselves, whether it be how we look, how we feel, that we are unwanted, unloved etc is all indeed part of the lie. A giant, unjustified UNTRUTH that can now be identified, released and purged through the Emerald energies. These types of untruths can cause a great deal of suffering in your life as you channel higher levels of energy, releasing channels such as judgement, guilt, exclusion etc. Once you have completed the 7th level attunement, you will be invited to look around through new eyes, through the eyes of TRUTH. For you may find it easier here to identify these untruths and sufferings in others and with this, you can give yourself permission to feel compassion, understanding and truth to shine through for the benefit of all.

* Level 8 – Welcome to the 8th and final level of Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki and the beautiful entranceway to the New Emerald Consciousness. To start your final journey, I would like to share a message with you that comes from the Diamond and Emerald Guardians: “Welcome to this most blessed and final level on your Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki journey. It is with incredible pleasure that we announce your birth into the Emerald Consciousness at the end of this level. After many many months of preparation, you are now enabled access through the 8th level energies to reach this epic and most understated milestone. Throughout level 1, you are welcomed into the divine energies of the Emerald vibrations. A beautiful set of frequencies set to restore, heal and soothe all old and new energies within your system in preparation for the great many Truth awakenings in level 2. Level 2 then holds a vastly important stepping stone into level 3, that of a great new depth of Truth. This second gift allows great progress to be instilled and birthed. Throughout level 3, you will undergo a series of mini- awakenings, through these frequencies, with the final aim of birthing you into the consciousness of the Emerald Pathway. It is with great pleasure and delight that we humbly offer these frequencies for your personal growth and ascension and for the betterment of all consciousness. Your work on this pathway to date has been profound although you are still not consciously aware of just what is happening within you. Great things are manifesting! Take great wisdom in the knowledge that you are being guided to your destiny through many offerings and be grateful for there are so many less fortunate in this life than you. Grace has brought you here to these energies and your karmic circumstances have manifested many challenges, but you have chosen to persevere. And there is great merit in perseverance. The Emerald Halo now awaits you”.

With your purchase you will receive:

* Digital Download of your chosen Manuals in a ZIP folder {18 in total}

* Your Distant Attunements {18 in total} will be sent to you after you have read through the Manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is to ensure that you have understood all of the information that was given to you. Your Distant Attunements will be sent to you via the Call In (Chi Ball) or Appointed Time Method.