Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System



Founded By Shanti Johnson

The Dolphins wove their energies with those of the crystals and colors. This gift, called Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System, is a powerful but gentle healing system. This warm sparkling energy will cleanse and energize your energy centers (charkas), fill your life with the love and joy of the dolphins, and you will become more vibrant, and add more color in your life. It is a system filled with light, color, working with the chakras, healing, meditations, and working with the dolphins and their energy. It is a very special system.

The attunements will balance, align, cleanse, and re-attune your chakras so you will hold a higher vibration and release any blockages in the chakra system.

This course takes 7 weeks to finish with two attunements for each energy center (chakra). The first is for self-healing, the second for world healing. This is a beautifully written and illustrated manual with wonderful pictures and meditations and information. A system you can refer back to and use many times. Truly amazing system!

The manual explains:

What are chakras?

The 7 major Chakras

What is chanting?

What is an attunement?

How to use attunements?

Tools to use during the attunements

Trans Rainbow Fusion

Dolphin Sea Breath

Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Grids


Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Symbol

Maintenance on Chakras

Using Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing

Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Tune-Up

Global Healing


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