Crystalline Reiki – Connect with Crystals in a new and exciting way



Crystalline Reiki – Connect with Crystals in a New & Exciting Way

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There is a new manual as of 8 February 2024 – there is also a set price for this system

Prerequisite: Reiki 2nd Degree

Founder: Jay Burrell

Year of Channelling: 2021

Fixed Fee System: Yes

Nos. Attunements: 2

Symbols: Yes

Prerequisite: Reiki 2nd Degree

From the founder: I have been working with the energies of Crystals for over 2 decades, during which time, I have had the opportunity to meditate and connect with several very high vibrational stones including Zincite, Moldavite, Stellar Atom, Phenacite, Galaxite and many others. To list them all here or within the Crystalline Reiki manual would be extensive but through this attunement, you will learn about how the energies of Crystals can be used for healing purposes as well as how to incorporate them into your Reiki treatments so welcome to the world of Crystalline ReikiCrystalline Reiki has been channelled with the assistance of the divine energies within each and every crystal. My spirit guide has also been with me throughout this channelling work to ensure that what you will receive will be of the highest and purest energies. Crystalline Reiki will add a higher vibrational frequency to your existing Reiki healing work as well as to your everyday life. This distant attunement blends the scientific, technical, spiritual, and metaphysical aspects of Crystals alongside a balanced knowledge of intuitive knowing and psychic awareness. You do not need any crystals to start working with Crystalline Reiki but as you work your way through the manual, you will slowly find that you will build your very own crystal collection that will be based on your own personal needs and those of your clients. As previously stated you need to be attuned to Usui Reiki 2nd Degree in order to work with Crystalline Reiki. If you have not yet received this level of training, please let me or your current teacher know so they can guide you to the Reiki training in order for you to receive the attunements to Crystalline Reiki. During your Reiki training, you will/have been taught how to perform healings on the self as well as others. This will give you a solid foundation in the understanding of Reiki energy and what your role as a healing practitioner will bring to your healing abilities.

We will start by looking at the scientific evidence and historical background of crystals, their use in a healing setting as well as spiritual rituals. You will be guided to learn about what makes a Crystal so special and the benefits of Crystalline Reiki on the spiritual trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit. We will then move forward to look at the different Crystals that you can use to create Crystalline Reiki Grids as well as which Crystals to use for specific health issues, situations and emotional disorders including Somniphobia. Crystalline Reiki is mainly a system of healing but you will also learn about how to raise the vibrations of your home, and treatment room and assist your clients in creating a healthier environment in their own homes which in turn will create a rippling effect that will help their bodies to heal themselves.

Included within the manual you will learn about the following and much more: 

* What is Crystalline Reiki?

* Quantum Energy.

* Crystals and Higher Vibrational Frequencies.

* Working with Crystalline Reiki.

* The Pyroelectric and Piezoelectric Effect.

* The Benefits of Crystalline Reiki.

* Healing with Crystalline Reiki.

* How to look after your Crystals.

* Charging Crystals.

* How to make a Charging & Clearing Spray.

* Crystal Programming.

* Etheric Crystals vs Physical Crystals.

* A Crystalline Reiki Treatment.

* Crystalline Reiki for Pets.

* The Animal Chakra System.

* Using Crystals for Personal Growth & Spiritual Awakening.

* How to Achieve Inner Peace and Calmness – Mindfulness and Meditation.

* Zen Meditation.

* Crystals and Sleep Patterns.

* How to make a Dream/Sleep Pillow.

* Physical Health, Spirituality & Personal Growth.

* Crystalline Reiki and Breathing Exercises.

* Crystals for Peace and Calm.

* Crystals for Starseeds.

* Crystals for Self Confidence.

* High Vibrational Crystals.

* Crystals for Hope & Faith.

* Seasonal Crystals – Crystals for Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

* Crystals for Tough Times.

* Crystals for Empaths and Hyper Sensitives.

* Psychic Vampirism.

* Crystals for Worry, Anxiety & Panic.

* Lucid Dreaming.

* Crystals for Pain Relief.

* Crystals for Psychic Abilities and Intuition.

* Crystals for Astral Projection.

* Crystal Grids.

* How to Make Powerful Crystal Grids.

* Types of Crystal Grids.

* Crystal Grid Template for Beginners.

* A Crystal Grid for Depression.

* A Crystal Grid for Healing.

* A Crystal Grid Template For Love.

* A Crystal Grid Template For Money.

* A Crystal Grid Template For Protection.

* A Crystal Grid Template For Success.

* Crystal De-Programming.

* Crystals and the Chakras.

​* Chakra Meditations.

* Chakra Affirmations.

* The Bindu Chakra.

* The Bindu Chakra Symbol.

* Bindu Chakra Healing and Activation.

* Crystalline Reiki and the 3 Nadis – I Ida, Pingala & Sushumna.

* Crystals and the 3 Nadis.

* How to Activate Chakra Stones.

* The Atlantian Jewels – The Crystal Skulls of Atlantis.

* Is Atlantis Beginning To Reveal Her Secrets.

* Shape Resonance.

* Crystal Resonance.

* How to Work with Crystalline Reiki.

* How to create an Etheric Crystalline Reiki Orb.

* Crystalline Reiki Symbols – Crystalline Reiki Master Grid Symbol,

* Crystalline Reiki Light Code Symbol, Crystalline Reiki Master Symbol.

* Crystalline Reiki Attunements – Practitioner {Level 1} & Master {Level 2}.

* Client Consent Form for In-Person Crystalline Reiki Healing Sessions.


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