Cosmic Soulmate Love Connection



The  soul mate you envision will probably not be the one which has been cosmically chosen for you.

Let me be very clear that there are many cosmic soul mate love opportunities for you this lifetime.  Yes, there really is more than one!  These soul mate connections can come to you when you are 20, 50 or 84 years of age.  So if you miss one opportunity, have patience because another opportunity will certainly arise!  It is up to you what to do with the opportunity when it presents itself.

First, chances are if you are an adult you have already had one soul mate connection.  Why didn’t it last?  Perhaps it is because you didn’t have patience to weather the storms.  There will be ups and downs in your life and karmic life lessons to be learned.  So, if you have loved and lost, do not fret; you will have another chance to make another cosmic soul mate love connection.

This attunement will bring divine, unconditional love into your heart and soul.  The energy will fill the voids, and the holes in your spirit with divine love.  If you allow yourself to receive this love, you will begin to love unconditionally.  If you love unconditionally you will become a soul mate magnet.

There are three levels to this system:

Level 1:  Self Healing

Level 2: Unconditional Love

Level 3:  Cosmic Soul Mate Love Connection

There are pictures in the manual that you can mediate on which are infused with energies of each level.  If you feel you need more healing of any level, just meditate on the pictures.


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