Removal, Exorcism and Clearing Package


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This unique package has a bit of everything necessary for spiritual work – from breaking spells and hexes, house clearing, clearing unwanted energies, attachments, entities and implants, cutting cords and protection from energy vampires, protection for you and your property on all levels (including from black magic) as well as transmuting the darker energies to light, clearing your subconscious of thoughts and beliefs that are not high vibrational, de-attuning from attunements that are not for your higher good, to the more serious exorcism, demon and ghost banishing.  Take what you need and keep the rest for when you may need them in the future.

The value of this package is £1 840.  Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  1. Alien Aura Device
  2. Auric Energy Attachment Clearing
  3. Baal Shem Tov
  4. Black Magic Box
  5. Blackstar Sapphire Energy
  6. Cord & Soul Fragment Healing Flush
  7. Deling Kuning Energy Essence
  8. Energy Vampire Protection Maintenance
  9. Energy Implants Neutralizer
  10. Etheric Dragon Athame
  11. Exorcism Reiki
  12. Haunted House Clearing
  13. Hexes and Curses Remover Essence
  14. Hyacinth Psychic Clearing & Healing
  15. Location Protection Reiki
  16. Hand of Fatima
  17. Magical Ghost Buster
  18. Magick Reiki Demon Banish
  19. Magick Reiki Hex Breaker
  20. Magma Power Shield
  21. Magma Cleaning Energy
  22. Mega Power Spell Breaker
  23. Naga Bajra – PDF and MP3
  24. Naga Digdaya – PDF and MP3
  25. Nazar Bonjuk Amulet Energy
  26. Remove Negative Reiki Attunements
  27. Residual Hauntings Remover
  28. Sacred Hamsa
  29. Saint Benedict Etheric Medal
  30. Shield of Archangel Michael
  31. Silver Light Energetic Device
  32. Spell Clearing Empowerment
  33. Spiritual Protection & Transmutation
  34. Subconscious Clearing Maintenance
  35. Surya Emas Pangayoman
  36. Surya Jagad Pamungkas
  37. Te-excorciso
  38. The Magical Talisman Empowerment
  39. To Assist the Departed in Leaving this Plane – by Gaynor De Klerk
  40. Unwanted Entities Removed
  41. Warok Suromenggolo Essence
  42. White Dragon Reiki
  43. White Star Radiance

FREE BONUS: PDF with human body outline, for you to mark attachments and implants picked up for yourself or your clients.

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