Cosmic Alignments




By Tawan Chester. You may take in the energies of as many different types of eclipses and planetary alignments as often as you like with this system and enjoy this energy during the eclipses! Some of these cosmic alignments are very rare and may occur only once in a person’s lifetime (if at all). They all have the same basic energy relative to what they will do. Don’t stress as to which ones you can attune to. Just attune to the energies that you can.


The normal flow of things is thrown off tilt by planetary alignments. These cosmic energies realign, rebalanced and affect all things including the human body, etheric bodies, aura, and pathways. The changes can be felt throughout because the universe has a way of creating a pseudo-beginning. It isn’t a total rebirthing but it can apply to many situations and things that we face on our paths. The length of an alignment varies because the planets are in a constant orbital motion.

We know that everything in the universe is made up of energy. We also know that energy is never destroyed only displaced or changed. Its speed can be increased, decreased, or reshaped to take on any form. The vibrations of the unique energies that radiate in the universe when an eclipse or planetary alignment happens and these raw forms of energy have been used in special healing arts. We are constantly changing our own vibrations. Increasing our personal vibrations will help enlighten the conscious mind and we can utilize the vibrations of these energy shifts in a way that best suits our needs. By harnessing these unique vibrations we can cause positive changes in our lives


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