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Attraction Reiki – Distant Attunement by Stephanie Brail – Create An Aura of Success

Attraction Reiki is a simple to use system designed to help you create an “Aura of Success” that will draw opportunities and positive things to you. It works in 2 ways, it helps you to raise your own personal magnetism and as a specific form of Reiki using symbols and an attunement process to activate it within you.

You might be familiar with the “Law of Attraction” which stated simply that what you put your attention on you receive. So if you vibrate positive energy or negative energy that is what will come back to you. This course focuses on the idea that the better your energy the better your results.


There are three levels to Attraction Reiki.

Attraction Reiki I – Belief – You look at what it means to believe and how it

affects your reality.

Attraction Reiki II – Intention – You become clear about intention which is a vital

step in manifesting.

Attraction Reiki III – Attraction – You take what you learned in I & II and you

integrate it into attraction and strategy.


The topics in each of the manuals are as follows:


Attraction Reiki I

What makes someone attractive?


Reading the Aura

Attraction I Reiki Symbols

Belief Workbook


Attraction Reiki II


Intention & Meditation

Attraction Reiki II symbols

Intention workbook

Creating your life


Attractions Reiki III

Attraction Reiki Energy

Attraction Reiki Mantras

Attraction Reiki Symbols

Attraction Reiki Attunements in person & distant

Attraction Reiki III Workbook

With this you will receive:


Attraction Reiki Attunements (there are 3 in all or you can combine them

into one)

Attraction Reiki Certificate

Attraction Reiki  Manuals (3) with attunement process so you can attune others



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