From Chaos to Calm: A Comprehensive Training for Clutter Clearing Practitioners



You can either do this course for yourself or add to your toolbox to offer professional clutter clearing

During the month of January, I do my annual energetic cleansing, de-cluttering and space clearing. Releasing old unwanted energy of the previous year and creating and manifesting for the New Year. I release all the resentments, rejections and regrets, freeing up more energy and focus towards more positive things in life.

If you have found this course, the chances are that you are looking to use the power of organization to clean up your belongings and tidy your home. But this journey goes much deeper than just your stuff. Yes, it is about your possessions, but it is also about your life: your time, your relationships, and your future.

Clutter clearing is so much more than cleaning or organizing; it is the alchemy of life. It can help you heal, and it can empower you in many wonderful ways. This course is about understanding the energy in your home and how it interacts with your energy and ultimately with your life. Using profound visualizations, or inner journeys, that tap into the wisdom of your soul, you will be able to find the emotional roots of your clutter – and ultimately clear them at their source, which means your clutter will not reappear.

In this course you will discover what your individual clutter truly represents, and it will help you let go of inner blockages. For example, if you find that your clutter represents your fear of not having enough (or even not being enough), you will learn how to step beyond that fear and confidently believe that you have enough and are enough. It will help you gain the faith and assurance that all is well, so you can move past that blockage.

The result of doing this work is not just a more organized and clean home, but a sense of having room to breathe, the ability to move more freely through each day, and the feeling of being more vibrant and empowered in every area of your life.

This course is powerful on a soul level. In this sacred process, you will discover how to work with the energy around you and make life-enhancing choices through the process of clearing clutter. You will also learn how to surround yourself with items, relationships, and energy that truly uplift you.


Module 1


A Sacred Process


Module 2

What is Clutter?

Why do People Keep Clutter?

Clutter Clearing Myths


Module 3

Can Clutter Clearing Really Change your Life

Clearing Clutter creates new Possibilities in your Life

Clutter Blocks New Opportunities from Coming into your Life


Module 4

Types of Clutter

Clutter without a Storage Space

Trash Masquerading as Clutter

Bargain Clutter

Abundance Clutter

Aspirational Clutter

Sentimental Clutter

Statistics Reveal How Much We Actually Own


Module 5

Space Clearing

Tips for a Successful Clearing Session

Easy House Smudging Step by Step

Supplies for Smudging

How to Smudge Yourself


Module 6

How to see the Invisible Energies

Types of Chi

The Chi of the Heavens

The Chi of the Earth

The Chi of Homes and Living Environments

The Chi of Humans

The Flows of Chi

The Ideal Chi State for the Physical Body

The Ideal Chi State for the Home

The Positive and Negative Traits of Chi Flow

Cultivating Chi

Benefits and Rewards of Chi Cultivation

Factors that Affect your Personal Chi

Mediation to see Chi

Four-part Breath Meditation

Four Part Mantra


Module 7

Home as a Living Energy

Everything is Energy

Your Home has Consciousness

We are not Separate from the Universe Around Us

Everything has Consciousness

Why this Method Works


Module 8

Creating a Home Altar

How it Works

The Creation

Altar Cloth

Flowers, Fruits and Grains


Other Offerings



Module 9

Journaling Techniques

What is a Bullet Journal?

Getting Started: Bullet Journal Supplies

Staying Organized

Room by Room


Module 10

Connect to the Essence of your Home

Name your Home

Greet the Spirit of the Home

Connect to the Essence of your Home


Module 11

Get to the Source of your Clutter

Embark on an Inner Journey into your Home

Barriers and Blockages

What do you Want?


Module 12

Vision Board

What exactly is a Collage?

Vision Board Supplies

Setting the Mood and Creating your Board

Clear One Thing with Intention


Module 13

Objects have a Secret Life

Honor each Object

Clutter Assessment Room by Room



Module 14

Clutter Clearing Materials

The Five Boxes

Other Boxes

Free Printables


Module 15

Clearing the Clutter

Room Order

Questions to Ask


Module 16

Essential Oils

Diffuser: Candle or Electric

Air spray: Store Bought or Home Made

Products containing Essential Oils: Candles, Incense, etc


Module 17

Front Door and Entrance Hall

Is your Door a good Feng Shui Door?

Features that Define a Strong Front Door

A well cared for Front Door

Color in Harmony with Direction

Smooth Main Entry

Right Proportions

Balance and Harmony

How to Create Good Energy in the Main Entrance


Module 18

The Bedroom

Spend 30 Minutes per Week Decluttering your Bedroom

Declutter your Clothes Closet Regularly

Choose the Right Hamper

Use Trays and Bowls to contain Clutter

Learn the Best Way to Organize a Closet

Bedside View Assessment

Closet: Clothing who you Are


Module 19

The Bathroom

Checklist for your Bathroom


Module 20

The Kitchen and Dining room


Checklist for Kitchen

Dining Area


Module 21

The Living Room

Checklist for the Living Room


Module 22

The Home Office

Paper Clutter

Duplicate your Wallet

Ongoing Maintenance

Digital Clutter

Other Office Clutter


Module 23

Declutter Craft Supplies

Why bother Decluttering your Craft Supplies

How to Declutter your Craft Supplies

Keep your Craft Stash Free from Clutter

How to Store your Craft Supplies in a Small Space


Module 24

Feng Shui Tips for Clearing your Clutter

The Meaning of Feng Shui

Method of Feng Shui

The Five Elements of Feng Shui

The Colors of Feng Shui

Creating a Happy Home with Feng Shui


Module 25

Feng Shui Cures

Ways to Use Feng Shui Cures


Module 26

Storage Ideas

DIY canned Food Organizer

Magazine Holders for Storing Vegetables

Organize your Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

Organize your Plastic Containers

Pretend Pull-Out Drawers

Prevent Food from Going to Waste

A Smarter Way to Organize your Pans

DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser

Above Cabinet Storage

Paint Pen Kitchen Organizer

Recycle Boxes to Organize your Freezer

DIY Trash Bag Roll

Store Underwear in PVC Pipes

Store Cords in an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Module 27

15 Minute Clutter Sweep for Every Room in your Home

How to Declutter the Bathroom in 15 Minutes a Week

How to Declutter the Bedroom in 15 Minutes a Week

How to Declutter the Kitchen in 15 Minutes a Week

How to Declutter the Living Room in 15 Minutes a Week

How to Declutter Mail & Paper in 15 Minutes a Week

Declutter the Entryway in 15 Minutes a Week

Declutter Kitchen Cabinets in 15 Minutes a Week

How to Declutter your Clothes Closet in 15 Minutes a Week



Module 28

Declutter your Life

What Kind of Life do you Want to Live?

Time Clutter

Relationship Clutter

Thoughts and Words as Clutter


Module 29

Common Feng Shui Decorating Mistakes


Module 30

Cleaning Up

Cheat-Sheet of Home Cleaning Goodies



Natural Home Cleaning Remedies



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