Star Essences


By Hari Winarso. Contains 8 manuals and attunements:

  1. Altair Star Essence
  2. Castor Star Essence
  3. Dubhe Star Essence
  4. Polaris Star Essence
  5. Rastaban Star Essence
  6. Scorpius Star Essence
  7. Sirius Star Essence
  8. Vega Star Essence

Once you have received the attunements you are able to pass them on to others.

Your PDF manual will be emailed to you, and attunements sent by chi ball method.  If you would like a certificate, please request one for no extra charge.



ALTAIR STAR ESSENCE – Star of Righteousness
The star of righteousness brings the energy of the divine word & law. This essence can be used for for washing away the mud of accumulated wrong doings. Hard hitting but fair, this essence forms the Divine light of correct and righteous action. It is beneficial for those who are incensed by a sense of injustice, those who feel they must set the world straight and bring everything into order. Assists to bring a sense of correcting what can be corrected and not being bothered by the rest. 

CASTOR STAR ESSENCE – Star of Tranquility 
The star of  tranquility essence provides you a quiet place in amongst the noise. When life is too hectic & your mind rushes, this essence will make room for the tranquil to be. The Castor Star Essence assists with meditation and the times where there is need for reflection in life. If you have been blundering your way through things and making errors of judgement along the way. Castor will assist to provide a quiet place in your mind where you can gather your thoughts and take stock of what is occurring in your life and then create beneficial changes .

DUBHE STAR ESSENCE – Star of Clear Sight 
The star of clear sight removes the obstacles of illusion to allow the perception of truth. This essence clears mental confusion and wipes away the fog of deception. Beneficial for those who are working with or developing the abilities of clairvoyance. Also for those who seem to walk into disruptive situations. Those who say ?I never even saw it coming? to produce the ability to discern what energies are around them and what is about to take place. Good for travellers or those who get themselves into abusive situation. 

POLARIS STAR ESSENCE – Star of Centered Purpose
The star of centered purpose. Polaris Star Essence directs energy to find its centre. When your energy is scattered, this essence pulls you back to your true nature. Polaris Star Essence provides an escape from the harsh realities of the material world. If your life has become hardened through material consciousness or there never seems to be any time for you to simply be.. Polaris Star Essence will assist you to reconnect to your true purpose and your own beautiful gentle spirit amidst the chaos. Serenity, gentleness, brings back a sense of connection & a flow into life. When you are connected to your true purpose you have this ability to flow with life. It is only when you are off your life path that things become stuck and very difficult. This essence brings a sense of continuity and meaning. 


The star of ‘War & Retribution’ removes the false heart and slays the foolish seeds of greed. Oversees justice and guides the payment of karma. Beneficial for those who have a tendency to get “pushed around by others”. For those who have difficulties in saying “no” to others. If you have become too caught up in the material world and the need to “possess everything”, Rastaban will bring back a sense of balance and harmony. Rastaban may produce an uncomfortable sensation (especially if you have not been acting in the best interests of all) as it is effectively rearranging your energy stores and putting things back into a sense of “right order”. Beneficial for those who are too “full on” to soften and soothe, those who feel the need to convert everyone they meet to agreeing with their own set of ideas and ideals. Assists to allow people be who they are.

SCORPIUS STAR ESSENCE – The Star of Movement

Scorpius Star Essence Brings movement to frozen and stuck situations. It promotes strength and assists to push through barriers. Brings balance to over and under exertions of will and governs over the correct use of power. Beneficial for “stubborn” people to soften attitudes and also for those who are afraid to stand up and/or speak up for what they believe in. This essence brings balanced communication and good strength of ideas, thoughts and speech.

SIRIUS STAR ESSENCE – The Star of Knowing

Sirius is the Star of ‘Knowing’ will unfold the inner and outer acquisition of knowledge. This essence attracts the knowledge of others and guides you to the correct knowledge for your inner transformation. A perfect choice for those involved with spiritual development and/or communication with spirit guides. Excellent for those who are studying and/or taking tests. For those embarking on a new journey of learning, Sirius assists to bring new knowledge together in a working order. Physical: Assists the relief from Nausea. & feeling ‘off’ colour. Balances the shock from bleeding and assists to stem it. May quell the need for excess talking by calming the mental realms. Assists with direction in life and support, showing through as knees concerns.

VEGA STAR ESSENCE – The Star of the Divine 
The star of the divine.  Vega Stare cleans away evil  & opens the doors to Spiritual counsel. Vega Star Essence is a strong remover of negativity and blockages to Divine Light.  Vega Star brings a sense of spiritual ecstasy, connection and harmony. Opens the heart to give and receive love in the highest possible manner. May bring a sense of bliss when used, especially in the heart. As such it is an excellent tool for those working with Tantric energies and also for those working / living in a realm where a high sense of spiritual love is required  such as counselors, teachers, care givers etc.


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