Mystical Avalon Attunement Package



Avalon can only be found and recognized by people, who can see with the heart. Glastonbury in Somerset, England; also known as the Isle of Avalon is a magickal place, powerful Avalonian energies are transmited to you from the energy systems in this package.

  1. Avalon Crown of Success
  2. Azure Ray of Avalon
  3. Brighids Healing Waters
  4. Brigids Flame
  5. Camelot
  6. Celtic Signs – Rhiannon
  7. Celtic Signs- Arianrhod
  8. Celtic Signs Bloudeuwedd
  9. Celtic Signs Branwen
  10. Celtic Signs Brighid
  11. Celtic Signs Maeve
  12. Celtic Signs Danu
  13. Celtic Signs Morrigan
  14. Crone Wisdom of Goddess Morrigan
  15. Excalibur Reiki
  16. Faery Realm of Morrigan LeFey
  17. Goddess Guinevere
  18. Goddess Rhiannon Fertility
  19. Holy Grail
  20. Isle of Avalon
  21. King Arthur
  22. Knights of Saint Patrick
  23. Lady of the  Lake
  24. Lemurian Indigo Connections
  25. Merlin Attunement
  26. Merlin Empowerment
  27. Nine Witches Attunement Avalon in France
  28. Persephone Initiation
  29. Warrior Spirit of Goddess Morrigan
  30. Wisdom of Merlin



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