Lakshmi Seichim


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A wonderful energy attunement to Goddess Lakshmi. This workshop includes a very good manual with a lot of Lakshmi information and practices.

Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess and a deity of wealth both material and spiritual.  She also is goddess of light, wisdom, good fortune and bestows luck, beauty, courage and fertility to her devotees. She is a Mother Goddess and a Domestic Deity.  Lakshmi is consort to Lord Vishnu (Preserver of the Universe and Lakshmi has 8 forms which you will learn about in the manual as well as her mantra and yantra.  Cosmic Goddess Empowerments works with Lakshmi almost every single day.


  1. SHRIM
  2. HRIM
  3. KLIM
  4. GAM
  5. AIM

Workshop Contents

Laxmi is the Goddess of Wealth, and Fortune, as well as luck, beauty, fertility.

Laxmi Reiki Workshop is designed to bestow wealth and fortune.

Laxmi Reiki Workshop Attunes and Initiates the Adept to special mantras.

Laxmi Reiki Workshop Attunes the Adept to a special Yantra.

Laxmi Reiki Workshop Contains a special Laxmi Heart Technique.

Levels: 1, Lakshmi Seichem, Master

Symbols: 5

Founder: Stephen Comee, 2002



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