Triple Goddess Empowerment



Prerequisite: None


The Triple Goddess Empowerment was channeled in by Jay Davies Burrell

The Goddess represents the Divine Feminine, Nurturing side of Deity-Intuitive, Creative and Magical. She is the inner Nature of Deity-the Origin of the External Universe. Thus the Goddess is the Creator, the Source – The God Emerges from her, she sets the Universe in Motion. The God is the Goddess’s Divine Child, which is formed from her inner nature, her Other Self. The God is also the Divine Consort whose union with the Goddess described existence as we know it to be. In this sense the Goddess and the God are the Polar Forces which is wising all things and whose presence gives all things life! The Goddess and the God are the Yin and Yang. The Yin is the Feminine, Spiritual. Emotive aspect of the Deity and the Yang is the Masculine, Physical, Volatile aspect of the Deity which manifests in Action and Motion and whose permutations build up the outer form of all things.

The 3 Empowerments that you will receive will connect you to the energies of the Triple Goddess so that you will be filled with the love and light of our Mother Moon as well as the aspects of the Goddess.

You will learn about: 

* The Triple Goddess

* Level 1 – The Maiden

* Level 2 – The Mother

* Level 3 – The Crone

* Channeled Message from Mother Moon

* Triple Goddess Invocations and Mantras

* Triple Goddess Alter

* How to use the Triple Goddess Energies


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