The Lion of Durga



Prerequisite: None

The Lion of Durga was channelled in 2023 by Rishi Rohit Sharma. The description for this attunement has been taken from the Lion of Durga manual.

The Goddess Durga is one of the female energies of the Supreme Absolute who is known as Devi, Shakti and the Unconquerable Force. She is considered the purest root cause of all creation, maintenance, and destruction. Durga is frequently depicted standing atop or riding a tiger or lion, which represents power, will, and determination. These are the forces that are predominant within the energies of this attunement. In riding this fearsome beast, Durga symbolises her mastery over all these qualities. Her bold pose is called Abhay Mudra, which means “freedom from fear.” Just as the mother goddess confronts evil without fear she also teaches us to conduct ourselves in a righteous, courageous way.

There are many benefits when working with the Lion of Durga including the following: 

  • Majesty – The Lion of Durga will bring regal bearing and exudes confidence and charisma.
  • Leadership – The Lion of Durga will help you to step up and take the lead in any situation.
  • Courage – The energy of the Lion of Durga encourages you to speak your truth and walk on the path of righteousness.
  • Power – The Lion of Durga is the ultimate power animal. As Durga never harms good souls and is regarded as the mother of the universe. You can activate this energy when you are in situations where unenlightened {or undeveloped} souls gain power, which can hurt you or others.
  • Protection – The energy of the Lion of Durga reminds you to protect those you hold dear. If someone you love is being mistreated in any way, summon the full power of energy to protect them.
  • Pride: – The Lion of Durga will remind you to be proud of who you are, where you come from, and what you know.
  • Spiritual Protection – There are times when the veil between the physical and supernatural worlds can become thin. This might happen when someone dies or at times when you are particularly sensitive and tuned in.
  • Wisdom – The Lion of Durga symbolizes wisdom also. As the vehicle of Maa Durga, the lion embodies a seemingly universal awareness.