Negative Entity Removal Package



Clear Negative External Energies

This package has been designed to help clear up all negative external energies that may be adversely impacting your life or the life of your friends and family members. It can also help to remove curses, hexes and malicious spells from friends, loved ones and colleagues that might be indirectly affecting you in a negative way. They also be used to cut away any curse, hex or malicious words from others who might have a grudge against you or are jealous of your success.

If purchased separately this package comes to in excess of £600

This package contains the following manuals

1.   Cat Eye Vortex
2.   Chi Lin Dragon Horse Reiki
3.   Divine Mary Protection
4.   Ganesha Spiritual Energy
5.   Good Shepherd Protection Shield
6.   Grand Light Protection
7.   Grand Personal Boost
8.   Green Harmony Wave
9.   Griffin Force
10.Heal Star Energy
11.Healing Touch of Jesus Activation Program
12.High Clear Yellow Illumination
13.High Cyclone Energizer
14. Angelite Stone Energy
15.Kenong Protection
16.Lawu Essence
17.Light Ball High Resonance
18.Lightning Orb Protection
19.Lord Kartikeya Protection
20.Magic Ray Protection
21.Magick Balance & Harmony – White, Gray, Black Empowerment Reiki
22.Marishiten Empowerment
23.Men Shen Reiki
24.Money Protection Reiki
25.Namgyalma Mother Buddha
26.Nickel Body Protector
27.Outside Influence Protection
28.Personal Fortress Activation
29.Powerful Evil Destruction


Negative Entities Removal Package Descriptions


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