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Sacred Geometry Reiki is a method of healing that can be used with other methods of healing, particularly Reiki. This course will give you suggestions for self-healing and meditation using sacred geometric symbols. You will also learn how to use Sacred Geometry with Reiki to heal others. The Universe is Vibration, and geometry is vibration manifest on the visual. This healing system works with your Higher Self at the soul level. The symbols assist you in the clearing and re-patterning process, and in doing so you begin to deal with limiting beliefs. It is a method of enhancing your intuition to receive information and messages from your Higher Self/Soul through geometric codes and symbols. This will assist you in your spiritual progression in line with your soul’s purpose. You will feel more connected and it can bring cohesion to your life. The ancients believed that sacred geometry was essential to the education of the soul.

There are no set prerequisites for Sacred Geometry Reiki. The course will suit experienced Reiki practitioners who are ready to accelerate their spiritual progression and enhance their current practices. Your primary aim should be spiritual progression. Your background may be in using healing methods other than Reiki, or you may have had intuitive, spiritual or psychic experiences and now feel the time has come to explore your natural abilities. A basic understanding of energy based healing would be helpful, however the course can be adapted to suit the path you are following and your preferred learning style.

Sacred geometry is all around is, in nature the snowflake and sunflowers are examples, and it can be seen in the shape and decoration of buildings throughout history. Celtic knots are a form of sacred geometry that symbolize the interconnectedness of all things, representing the eternal web and continuous cycling of existence. “Sacred geometry can be described as the ‘architecture of the Universe’”. It is the universal language of creation, a blueprint of perfection, which simply means the intended plan or design, that reminds us of who we were and who we are, and can assist us in aligning to our true purpose and life pattern. Each symbol assists in clearing, re-patterning and receiving the soul’s instructions. Intuition is enhanced as you begin to realize that your soul and spirit instruct your mind rather than the other way around.

The use of the word Reiki to describe this system reflects the use of universal life force energy and many of the techniques come from various interpretations of Reiki traditions. The sacred symbols are used as a vibrational healing technique as well as a focus for meditation. It is primarily a system of spiritual development. The course can help Reiki practitioners to take the next step and increasingly work intuitively. The symbols of Sacred Geometry Reiki are keys to unlock your own knowledge, for all healing knowledge resides within. This system aims to empower you to heal either yourself or your clients. The energy and empowerment exercises offer practical ways to tune into your own inner guidance, and will potentially develop your ability to scan the aura and use intuitively guided hand positions, giving you more flexibility in healing work. The course is designed to empower you to move and develop in your own direction in line with your life path/soul’s purpose. The symbols are partly given as a framework and an introduction to energies, which will assist you along your own unique path. You will have the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Included in the manual:
What is sacred geometry?
Course objectives
Introduction to sacred geometry
Sacred geometry around us
Symbols exploration exercise
Healing methods
Reiki meditation
The symbols explained
Healing with the sacred geometry symbols
Clearing and cleansing symbols
Balancing symbols
Symbols to heal at the soul level
Grounding symbols
Attunement guidelines
Sacred geometry index of general meanings
Working with minor and major chakras
The energy field and aura

There are three attunements to Sacred Geometry Reiki. If you choose to receive the energy by the chi ball method, three separate chi balls will be sent to you. If you receive the first attunement in real time, two subsequent chi balls will be prepared for you to call in on your own for the second and third levels. It is suggested to have a 5 – 7 day waiting period between each level of Sacred Geometry Reiki.

Founder:  Rebecca Donaldson



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