Mother Earth Re-Balancing Reiki – Healing with the Divine Mother



Prerequisite: Reiki Master

Mother Earth Re-Balancing Reiki was channeled in 2022 by Jay Burrell

Mother Earth Re-Balancing Reiki has been designed to help move you into higher and more harmonious levels of divine love, peace and oneness as you open up to the re-balancing and re-tuning vibrations of Mother Earth. This attunement is unique in that it has been brought forth at this time during humankind’s spiritual evolution. Like all energy-based attunements, Mother Earth Re-Balancing Reiki is a healing system that will help you to cleanse, heal and purify the mind, body & spirit, however with the energies, you will also be divinely guided towards ascending and uplifting your consciousness as you balance and open yourself up to new feelings of love, peace and oneness which are needed at this time in our current stage of evolution. It is by no means an accident that you have found your way here to this new attunement and it is with an open heart that I am honoured to be able to share the energies with you. I hope that as you work through this manual and receive your attunement that it will help to bring an increased sense of love, light and purity into your life.

Mother Earth Re-Balancing Reiki works to balance the body while harmonizing it with the core of Mother Earth. Through the information that I will give and the distant attunements, a beautiful balancing and healing energy will help to alleviate the earthly symptoms of war, hatred, negativity, pollution, toxins, exposure to poisonous and toxic metals, waste material and most commonly ignorance and destructions. Mother Earth Re-Balancing Reiki will open your energies to a new dimension of light that comes from Mother Earth, from which a balancing and harmonizing frequency is omitted. These energies alone bring stability, peace and rejuvenation into the body and without doubt reinstall a sense of harmony and spiritual alignment. This peaceful and harmonious new energy will be of great help to you and Mother Earth for as you become more in tune with harmony and peace, your body will allow the radiant healing energy to come from the core of Mother Earth. A state of balance, peace and harmony is fundamental to both yourself and the precious Earth at this time. For she {and humanity} are struggling with the never-ending state of decay inflicted through imbalance caused by greed, anger and ill-will. Here and now is your chance to create a vibration of oneness that extends for the benefit of all beings be they large or small, known or unknown. You all have the right to a peaceful and harmonious existence.

The Levels of Mother Earth Re-Balancing Reiki

* Level 1 – This attunement has been designed to bring you to a level where you will be aligned to receive the initial Mother Earth Re-Balancing Reiki energies. Your energy field will be an open and blank canvas on which the Mother Earth energies will be painted.

* Level 2 – This attunement presents 8 different frequencies of energy with each one opening and radiating a divine, unique manifestation of balance and harmony.

* Level 3 – The 3rd level attunement is a uniquely powerful and all-encompassing energy with a wealth of intergalactic frequencies of higher states of balance, harmony and sacred light. Upon completion of this attunement, you will be a Mother Earth Re-Balancing Reiki Practitioner Master/Teacher