Good Shepherd Protection Shield Activation



The Good Shepherd Protection Shield Activation is given unto us as a gift by the gracious and loving Ascended Master Jesus to ensure we are under the protection and care of Ascended Master Jesus at all times. There is only a need to activate this shield once however if there are times when there is a need of His protection and care the energy can be reactivated. With the Good Shepherd energy shield in place your field of energy is fully protected against anything, anyone, any circumstance, that is less than love. Ascended Master Jesus’ energies will not allow any less than love energies to permeate your field of energy.

As you run the energy of the Good Shepherd Empowerment all energies that do not serve your Highest And Best Good will be cleared. As well your spiritual gifts, psychic gifts and spirituality will open to heightened levels and you will begin to tap into higher levels of Spirit, Higher energies and Cosmic and Divine influence. The subtle bodies will be further opened as well as shielded and protected from harm of any kind. You will feel the energy opening your chakras and probably notice an immediate and great change within your soul. You will get a feeling of positive energy and optimism, exude an aura of confidence and even have a glow about your face. This may be immediate for some and may take time to appear for others.

Your energy field will be protected from being absorbed by another. The Aura, Chakras, Bodies, will be cleared, cleansed and balanced on all levels.  The entire Auric Field will be shielded by the energy and protection of Ascended Master Jesus.

 This is a high energy vibration and effective protection. The energy of this empowerment will reconnect one to the Divine Source and calm any fears about being attacked and violated. Any feelings of helplessness will be removed.

The Good Shepherd Shield is used as protection from all forms of attack – whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. It is used to protect physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and etherically.

Some specific issues the shield can be used for are as follows.

Toxic people, places and things

Gossip, rumours

Psychic Attack

Negativity of all kinds

Deceitful persons, situations, Wolves in sheep’s clothing


Evil of any kind

Malicious Negativity and attacks

Misdirected or unintentional negativity

Negative thought forms

Physical Danger

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Attacks

Energy Attacks

Negative Vibrations

Diseases, Viruses, Physical Conditions


And More!


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