Divine Light Self-Attunement



DIVINE-LIGHT is the blissful delight presence of the Divine light Ascended Masters from the upper world manifested as Love and Compassion in the lower world.

DIVINE-LIGHT removes all negative energies replacing it with love, joy, and peace raising the recipient’s frequency to directly connect to the Source. DIVINE-LIGHT attunes your body activating a blissful balanced state of male and female Universal Healing Energy, all Divine-Light Ascended Masters, and Angels like Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Nuriel, and Raphael. DIVINE-LIGHT eliminates all physical and emotional pain, suffering, fatigue, and tiredness while strengthening your male and female energies to a balanced state of enlightenment.

The DIVINE-LIGHT raises your frequency higher than any virus, disease, or illness strengthening your immune system. Your immune system is permanently fortified forever shielding you from dark forces. By activating DIVINE-LIGHT, you have a direct connection to the Source. If you are reading this, consider yourself a “Divine Chosen One” to bring this light into the world manifesting DIVINE-LIGHT loving compassionate service to everyone you meet.


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