Animal Path Healing




This manual is for those that want a closer walk with animals and those who already feel a strong connection to them. It is a 12 page manual with three symbols that can be used for self healing, guidance, building a stronger connection to Spirit, and distance healing. There is discussion of the symbol initiation and attunement process and also of the three symbols and what they mean, an animal healing meditation, and a brief discussion of different kinds of totems, such as clan totem, power totem, life theme totem life mission totem lesson totem and shadow totem.

We often begin to understand ourselves better through astrology which is based on animals. There are countless legends and myths telling of the magic and strength of them. Healers and Shaman have always recognized and established a strong relationship with their animal brothers. Tribes have called upon specific ones for protection, blessings, deeper understanding and empowerment. We can take on the strength and nobility of the lion when we need to. We can endure and be sure footed through rocky ground with the Mountain Goat. Call upon fox to learn more about your surroundings and cleverly blend in without notice. Watching as
birds fly overhead we are reminded of lofty ideas and hope. Animals can be our connection between this world and the Realm of Light.


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