Bond with your dog through healing massage



Touch. Humans and animals alike crave it. The desire for touch is an instinctive need to fulfill a physiological requirement. Caring touch from another can provide a calming effect and cause a feeling of well-being to spring from our inner depths. Touch can bring comfort to the weary or infirm, joy to the sad or lonely, hope to the apprehensive or frightened. It is a miraculous remedy that can improve virtually any condition in life.

Massage, a touch therapy, is considered instinctive. The wonders of touch were probably recognized in prehistory when the first primitive man bumped his head on his cave roof and without thinking reached to rub his aching noggin. The practice continues today. Who among us has not automatically rubbed a sore muscle or painful joint to ease our discomfort? Similarly, we have all seen a dog lick or even nibble at an injured paw or stiff joint in an effort to soothe it. This, too, has surely been a habit since the first dog existed. Relying on instinct, both humans and animals no doubt understood the benefits of touch since the beginning of time.

I believe that pet massage is an essential part of total pet health care and maintenance. It is also more than that. It is not only a healthy measure and a healing tool, but it helps bring pet and owner closer. It is an amazing vehicle of communication.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the wonderful world of dog massage – you and your dog will forever be grateful for the intrinsic bond which this form of therapy creates.


Module 1



Module 2

History of dog massage


Module 3

Benefits of Dog Massage

Enhances connection

Enhances blood circulation

Increases flexibility

Develops and maintains muscle tone

Improves skeletal frame

Rehabilitation post-surgery

Aids in palliative care

Diagnostic tool


Module 4

Differences between human and canine massage

Utilizing self-awareness


Module 5

How do I know if my dog is in pain?

Signs that could indicate pain in dogs

When evaluating your dog for potential pain

Conditions that are often painful for dogs


Module 6

Do’s and don’ts of massage

Contra-indications to massaging your dog


Module 7

Teaching your dog to receive a massage

Set the environment

Attitude is important


Module 8


Preparing yourself

Pressure, contact, rhythm

Proper posture and positioning the dog

When to massage your dog

Duration of a massage

Frequency of massage sessions

Your dog’s feedback signs



Module 9

Energizing your hands

Meditation instruction

Making the connection and energy work


Module 10



Module 11

Types of dog massages

Daily dog massage

Soreness relief dog massage

Warm-up dog massage

Calming dog massage

Ways to enhance the massage experience


Module 12

Swedish massage for dogs

Stroke definitions






Contraindication for dog massage

Meditation preparation

Audio:       Meditation

Videos:      Effleurage, Petrissage, Compression, Tapotement, Vibration


Module 13

Tui Na Oriental massage

Summary of activations and indications


List of Back Shu Point Locations for Dogs

Video:       Tui Na massage


Module 14

Restoring your dog’s chi balance

Acupressure for canine indigestion

Thumb technique

Two finger technique


Module 15

Telington Touch (TTouch)

List of TTouches

Noah’s March

Clouded Leopard

Lying Leopard

Raccoon Touch

Bear Touch

Tiger Touch

Snail’s Tail


Llama Touch

Mouth Touch Ear Touch

Videos:      Clouded Leopard Touch, TTouch for stress


Module 16

Trigger point therapy

Audio:       Sound meditation


Module 17

Myofascial release

Functions of the connective tissue

J technique

S technique

Pin and stretch


Module 18


Caution before stretching

Active stretches

Passive stretches

Nose to toes


Module 19

Angel Wing massage for damaged tissue

Cross-fiber friction massage

Muscle texture

Angel wing technique

What about the little guys?

Module 20

Paws massage

Paws and claws technique


Module 21

Simple massage


Module 22

Overview of massage

Sequence and length of massage


Start at the beginning

Adapt to the situation


Module 23

Body wrapping

Benefits of wrapping your dog

Dog body wrapping techniques

T-shirt wrap

Elastic bandage wrap

Half body wrap

Full body wrap


Module 24

Healing crystals to help your dog

Choosing crystals

Have your dog choose his or her own crystals

Using crystals with your dog

How long to use the crystals?

Five healing crystals

Buying crystals


Module 25

Herbal first aid for dogs

Safe and effective herbs to use

Herbal flea rinse

Herbs for your dog’s hot spots

Treat the hot spot externally

Hot spot rinse

Healing from the inside out



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