Take a look into your past, present and future Course




Divination provides us with vital information.

It presents us with a view of the direction in which we are heading. By analyzing this information and applying it to our present lives, we can detour around unpleasant destinations and improve the quality of our lives.

This, and the knowledge that we can re-create our future lives before they occur, are the greatest lessons that divination has to offer. Divination can also assist us in planning events, ease the process of making difficult choices, provide advice and bring order into our lives.

As a tool designed to access otherwise unknowable information, divination can play a vital role in conforming our lives to our expectations, dreams and desires. It can assist us in learning the lessons that we have not yet mastered, thus smoothing the path that we tread into the future.

Divination can be seen as a friend who possesses great wisdom and knowledge. However, the information that we receive from its practice must be put to use if it is to be of any value.

We usually consider the future as being a hazy possibility completely unconnected to the present. This is erroneous.

The past, the present, and the future simultaneously exist in this moment, in this nanosecond. They do not consist of three separate compartments; they are one. Once we’re aware of this fact we can utilize it to our advantage.

Tomorrow is but a heartbeat away. The illusion that we know as time may be useful, but only if we recognize its flexibility. We can stretch time and move within it.

The use of divination then, can be for more than the simple satisfaction of our natural curiosity. It can provide invaluable information. Using the responses that we receive, we can build our lives into more positive, fulfilling experiences. The future is now.

We all have questions about our lives. Everyone wants to learn more about their goals, careers, families, health, money and travel. Most of us have problems and concerns and want information about matters that are going on in our lives in advance. This is why divination is just as popular today as it ever has been. If divination is new to you, I am hoping this course will open your mind to a practice that has existed throughout human civilization and is still hugely popular today.

I hope this course also appeals to people who are already involved in one or more methods of divination. It is always helpful to have other methods to use in different situations. In addition, as you learn about a technique you are not already familiar with, you may find information that will prove helpful in the type of divination you currently perform. You might even find a method that will become as useful to you as the techniques you use now. Even if you have no interest in performing divination for others, I hope you will enjoy learning about the different methods people have used when attempting to part the veil and glimpse into the future. You might try some of the techniques to help you gain access to your intuition and learn more about what is going on in your life. Divination is a popular topic, and even though many people claim not to believe in it, you will find they are often the first to ask if they could have their palms or cards read. Learning a form of divination guarantees your popularity at any social gathering, as you will have a skill that is always in demand. It takes time and practice to become good at any form of divination. Once you have gained confidence with a system, you will be able to temporarily ignore your rational conscious mind and gain access to your intuitive side. Once you are able to do that, you will be able to help yourself and other people in many different ways.




Module 2

Three pillars




Divination is used to look into the past, present and future


Module 3

Basics of divination

Life-lesson in this lifetime

Enhance and strengthen your Soul and your purpose

Destiny and predisposition

How does divination work?

Our thoughts and actions

Is divination always accurate?

Questions too vague or long-winded

Difficulties in reading for yourself


Module 4

Choosing a method



The tools you use


Care of your tools


Part-time hobby or professional business


Module 5

Why your divination is not working

The method might not be right for you

It is time to move on to a new method

You do not know the meanings

The stumbling block of fear


Module 6

Use the present to re-shape your future

Act in accordance with your need

Break life-draining habits


Module 7

Fascinating techniques from around the world


The Long Man



Casting lots



Module 8

Psychic abilities

Do you need to be psychic to do divination?

Everyone has the potential

Non-psychic divination

Developing psychic abilities

The psychic spectrum

Tapping into your psychic abilities

Scan the room

Get dreamy

Exercise to develop symbolic thought


Module 9

Why is the past of importance?

Conscious connection between past and present

The past also affects the future


Module 10


Candles help you in focusing on your desires

A logical explanation

Clear and focus your mind

Multi-candle divination

Three-candle divination

One-candle divination

Candle drip divination

Candle drip divination

What you will need

Performing the divination


Symbols and what they mean


Module 11


What your handwriting shows









General points

Opposite hand handwriting

Let your Guardian Spirit guide you


Module 12


What can Runes be used for?

What can I ask the Runes?

What kind of Runes do I need?

Storing your Runes

Using a rune cloth

How easy is it to interpret Runes?

Blank Runes

How to get started

Three Rune layout

Five Rune layout

Nine Rune cast

Meanings of the Runes

Elder Futhark

Video: How to make your own Runes


Module 13


The appearance of the hands and fingers

Overall appearance of the hand







Examining the hand spread

Your hand’s shape

Palm marks and patterns

Typical markings on the palm

The appearance of your fingers

Every finger has a name



Module 14

Angel card readings

Overview of how to read Angel cards

What are Angel cards?

Clear your energy and set the space

Connecting to the Angels

Asking questions

Video:  How to a 3 card reading


Module 15

Automatic writing

An automatic writing session

Patience is essential

Review writing and/or drawings


Module 16

Tea leaf reading

History of tea leaf reading

The best tea for reading

Teacups, teapots and tea sets

Teapots and strainers

Using milk, sugar, lemon or honey

Making the tea

Important tips for making loose tea

How to read the tea leaves : Ritual

Before you begin the reading

Looking into the teacup

Example of how to read the leaves

Looking at the sections of the cup

Tips on how to read the leaves

How often should you read tea leaves

Symbols and interpretation

Video:  Tea leaf reading


Module 17


Different methods



Module 18


9 Gemstones

How to give a reading

Useful stones for divination

Video:  Crystal and gemstone divination


Module 19


How to do it

Video: The art of bibliomancy


Module 20

Crystal ball

Charge your ball

Different types of balls

How to scry with your crystal ball

Interpreting images

Video:  How to use a crystal ball


Module 21


The numbers and what they mean

The letters and what they mean



Module 22


One card reading

Video:  Read Tarot accurately


Module 23


What is dowsing?

How does dowsing work?

Prepare yourself to ask your question

Practice your pendulum technique

Asking a series of questions

Where do the answers come from?

If you have a problem obtaining an answer

Choosing a pendulum

Making your own pendulum

How to operate a pendulum

Your pendulum moves in one of four ways

Asking questions about the future

When should I use a pendulum?

How does it work?

Charging a crystal or metal pendulum

The pendulum in everyday life

Video:  How to use a crystal pendulum


Module 24

Psychic protection

Self-protection visualization


Protector Tarot card

Use rituals and symbols

Release the energy

Listen to your personal needs and set boundaries


Module 25

The future is now

A view of the direction in which we are heading

We can re-create our future lives before they occur

Tomorrow is but a heartbeat away


Module 26

When doing readings for others


Bad news


Look after yourself

Do not judge


Your tools


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