Star Healing Reiki – Animal Chakra Healing to Reduce Pain & Stiffness




Star Healing Reiki was channeled in 2012 by Reiki Master Linda Colibert.

Star Healing Reiki has been channeled with the intention of giving you the connection to a specific vibrational frequency of energy that has been given to us to use for the sole purpose of animal healing. Through your connections to Star Healing Reiki you will gain an awareness of empowerment that allows you to perform spiritual healing that heal and realign the chakra system of our animal friends. This system works to help reduce pain, stiffness and joint conditions but it also works to help heal irritations to the digestive tract, asthma, and other internal and breathing problems that animals may experience. Through regular use the system works to speed up the recovery from injuries, illness and surgery. This is a powerful animal healing system that draws healing energies direct from spirit to bring positive healing vibrations for the health and wellbeing of animals.


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