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Did you know, for instance, that Feng Shui can lead to a flow of energy that makes your family more loving toward one another? Through a series of small steps, you really can create the environment that promotes good energy, which can affect other parts of your life.

By applying some basic Feng Shui tips, you can greatly improve your health and your sense of well-being. Feng Shui will help you bring healing beauty and harmony into your life and create a good Feng Shui energy home.

Includes the following manuals & attunements:

  1. 7 Gods of Luck Reiki
  2. Chaisenyeh
  3. Chi Lin Dragon Horse
  4. Chinese Dragon
  5. Dragon Phoenix Energy
  6. Dragon Skin Ammonite (value $100 / R1416)
  7. Dzambhala Reiki
  8. Feng Shui for Romance, Relationships & Marriage
  9. Feng Shui Coins
  10. Fukluksau
  11. Golden Arowana Empowerment
  12. Guan Yu Protection & Wealth Reiki
  13. Jade Dragon Empowerment
  14. Majestic Conch Shell
  15. Marishiten – Deva of Wealth, Success, Prosperity & Protection Empowerment
  16. Money Toad Essence
  17. Sacred Etheric Smudge Essence
  18. The Practice of White Mahakala (value $350 / R4956)
  19. Three Legged Toad Empowerment
  20. Tsai Shen Yeh – Taoist God of Wealth
  21. Tua Pek Kong Prosperity & Luck Reiki
  22. Zhu Gong Business & Success Reiki
  23. Free eBook: Feng Shui Basics


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