Elven Star Connection Empowerment


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Anyone can work with the Elven Star Symbol, also known as the Seven pointed star, Septagram, Heptagram, and Fairy Star. Many are aware of its multitude of symbolic meanings, but few are going deeper and seeing how it can be used as a powerful connection to Fey and also as a healing and guidance system. This system takes you on a powerful journey beneath the surface of the symbol sharing with you its gifts.

  • Learn how its powerful symbolisms relate to many aspects of ourselves, our world and the universe.
  • Learn two techniques for drawing the Elven Star and how it can be used for healing yourself and others, and for protecting yourself, sacred space and home.
  • Learn a beautiful pathway meditation to guide and help you manifest the desires of your soul path into the physical.
  • Learn how to make Faery Connection Elixir


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