Yesterday’s Future Reiki Empowerment



Yesterday’s Future Reiki Empowerment brings you into closer harmonics with all of your alternate selves, connecting all of the timelines and realities.

This is very powerful because you are able to use the energies of all of your selves coming together to form one powerful chord rather than a lonely note. It draws the energies of the layers of possibilities to help you create the best possible life you want in this reality timeline. It creates life altering changes in positive energetic ways for the highest good. Your improvements in your life here will be seen in more opportunities, more ease of attraction of wanted energy, people, places, things, etc. here on this earth. As you work with these energies, the struggles and resistance fall away. The power of a harmonic chord of positive energy concentrates your personal power so that when you focus your intent, you attract, create, and achieve the you want to manifest in your life.

This attunement energy is very special and powerful. It is meant for those who are serious about wanting to change their lives in positive ways and create a path of ease of attraction and manifestation.

All of your alternate selves are in different possible timelines, and these timelines are stacked on top of each other.

When you use the energy of Yesterday’s Future, you connect all of the layers of yourself. This gives you access to more personal power to create a better life for yourself and to bring positive changes into your life.


Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colbert)


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