Angels of the Earth Animal Healing



Angels of the Earth – Animal Healing combines the Divine Earth Energy and the power of the Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel to intervene and lend their power to healing animals in body, mind and spirit. Your connection with this energy will heighten your telepathic and empathic abilities to both communicate with and to heal animals.

Animals are healers. They are here on this Earth to help heal others, to give unconditional love, to assist people with disabilities such as blindness or hearing loss and other ailments. They help heal people and the Earth by absorbing negative energies that cause stress and tension from the environment and people around them. Domestic animals can actually pull the stress and tension that causes illness and disease out of their human friends and take it upon themselves. They do this with unconditional love and without being asked – they are the Angels of the Earth.

Attunement to this system provides you with connection to two symbols which will greatly heighten your abilities to perform the techniques included in the manual. You will learn to help animals with stress in the wild and those you live with, who often also take on the added tension and stress of the people they live with.

Animals will tell you what is troubling them if you pay attention. Angels of the Earth teaches you how to do this and to call upon the energies of the Archangels to help and to send healing to them. You will how to clear the chakras of animals and to clear their auras, to heal their emotional distress, to perform psychic surgery, to heal pain and swollen joints and more.

Founder: Linda Colibert


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