The Universal Angels Empowerment – Advanced Healing For Each Month Of The Year



Prerequisite: None

The Universal Angels Empowerment was channeled in 2021 by Jay Burrell

The Universal Angels Empowerment is a multi-faceted and open-ended attunement that works to create a permanent energetic connection between you and the realms of the angels. In creating a multi-faceted connection with the angels, you will gain the spiritual blessings of angelic support, so you receive what you need at the time of each activation. The angels want you to enjoy these attunements so you can once again build a strong and permanent connection with them. When most people think about the Angels, they will always be drawn to the Archangels first. While the Archangels are a key factor in all forms of angelic work, there are many other levels for you to connect with. Through the Universal Angels Empowerment you will learn about these aspects and how through simple intention and guided prayer, you will be able to connect with them in a powerful and life changing way. In preparation for the channeling of the Universal Angels Empowerment, I decided to work with the system for a full year. As I worked with the energies, I came into contact with several new groups of angels that I never knew existed. As with all attunements that I channel, I run them through several processes to ensure that what I am given is pure, honest and genuine. Thankfully the attunement passed all tests and I was given information about how each day of the week and how each month of the year is aligned with a specific angelic energy.

Within the Universal Angels Manual you will learn about:

* Guardian Angels. & Guardian Angel Prayers

* Angels of the Days {Monday – Friday}

* Angels of the Months {January – December}

* Universal Angels {Flower Angels, Peace Angels, Star Angels, Messenger Angels, Power Angels, Abundance Angels, Angels of Mercy}.