The New Ascended Masters of the Celestial Rays – A New Perspective on Ascension



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The New Ascended Masters of the Celestial Rays was channeled in 2020 by Jay Burrell.

I have worked with the energies of the Ascended Masters for over a decade and it was during this time that I have been blessed with the ability to not only manifest their blessings within my own life but I have also been given insights and information about the Celestial Rays in which the Masters will connect with us. Many of you will already be aware of the more well known Ascended Masters but through this new attunement, I have been connecting with the vibrations of newly ordained Ascended Masters who have come to the earth plane at this time in humanities spiritual evolution to help with the process of Ascension and Enlightenment. These new Ascended Masters or 21st Century Masters as they are also known are bringing forth an Ascended Master Portal and information about the Ascension Temple. The Ascension Temple is beginning to open to allow us access with their energies in order to progress on our Spiritual Paths while also working to awaken dormant abilities of the psyche. These new Ascended Masters are also very different to any of the other more well known and traditional Masters that you might have come across on your Spiritual Path. They not only help with modern day situations but they also make themselves known to you in both modern and traditional outfits. An example of this is one of the Masters will appear in a t-shirt and trainers but his etheric body and outfit will be more traditional and in alignment with how you would think a Master should appear.

At this time with the energies all around the world being in a state of flux, the Ascended Masters are stepping up their energies and teachings in order for us to ascend to a new level of Conscious Awareness which will not only infuse the Spiritual Body but they will also help you to awaken dormant strands of DNA as well as the alignment and expansion of your Cellular Structures. These are times of an increased awareness and interest in the Ascension Process and no one knows this more than the Ascended Masters for they have come forward to work with humanity in a collective way. For the Ascended Masters to be more effective, they have constructed a vast Portal of Energy that is accessed via your intention as well as the channeled symbol that will be encoded into your Auric Field. Unlike the Natural Portals that have emerged on Mother Earth, like Sedona, Stonehenge, the Sphinx in Egypt, Easter Island to name just a few, this new Master Portal was constructed with the Etheric Realms where the Vibrations and Rays of the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters, Elohim, Archangels, Archeia and Devas will create a vast Multi-Dimensional Portal that will slowly grow in size over the coming years, culminating on the 1st day of December 2025.

It will be on this date that the Purity and Sacred Energies of the Masters and Celestial Realms will anchor themselves into the body of Mother Earth, bringing with it the purest vibrations of the Spiritual World that will help us {Humanity} to experience the vast Cosmic Connection that we have all been waiting for. The Etheric Portal is being created to assist the Masters in moving closer to our 3 Dimensional Realm so they can work with Humanity in ways that they have not been able to do in the past. The portal will also allow the vast beings like the Cosmic Masters and the Elohim to move closer to the vibrations of Humanity while still protecting the integrity of the human form. The Masters created this Portal for their use but it is being opened in order for us to connect with it on a subtle level within our Meditations and Dreams.

The Ascended Masters and the Celestial Ray Empowerment Manual will teach you about the following and much more.

* The Temple of Ascension.

* The Temple of Ascension Symbol.

* The 1st Ray of Gods Will & Associated Ascended Masters.

* The 2nd Ray of Wisdom & Associated Ascended Masters.

* The 3rd Ray of Unconditional Love & Associated Ascended Masters.

* The 4th & 5th Rays of Healing and Sacred Knowledge & Associated Ascended Masters.

* The 6th Ray of Devotion and the Goddess & Associated Ascended Masters.

* The 7th Ray Transmutation and Spiritual Change & Associated Ascended Masters.

* The 8th Ray of Rainbow Rays & Associated Ascended Masters.

* What is Ascension – A New Perspective.

* The Vorunus Symbol.

* The Divine Mind, Soul and Sacred Heart.

* Personal Balance & Harmony.

* Guided Meditations.

* The Sacred Heart and Holy Heart.


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