Rainbow Healing Attunement Package


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Rainbow healing uses the colors of the Rainbow which correspond to the colors of the seven main chakras of the body. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet are the colors of the Rainbow but they are also the Colors of the Seven Main Energy Centers (Chakras) of the Body. By using this form of energy healing one can open, cleanse and bring balance to the Chakras, leading to a more balanced and healthy life.

This package contains 29 PDF manuals and more than 30 attunements.  If purchased separately, it would come to in excess of £1 000.

Includes the following manuals and attunements – no substitutions

  • Rainbow Dolphins (3 manuals – FREE)
  • Biomagnetic Spectrum
  • DNA Rainbow Hologram Activation – £50
  • Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System – £54
  • Dragon Light Spectrum
  • Drumbeat of the Rainbow Fire Exercise – FREE
  • Iris Rainbow Goddess & Messenger
  • Prisms of Light
  • Rainbow Children’s Light
  • Rainbow Light Laser
  • Rainbow Lightning
  • Rainbow Mental Body Enhancement
  • Rainbow Orb Empowerment
  • Rainbow Rays Stone Activation
  • Rainbow Transformation
  • Rainbow Ascension Reiki
  • Rainbow Mandala Empowerment
  • Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique
  • Rainbow Water
  • Reiki Rainbows – FREE
  • Sacred Rainbow Ribbon of Protection
  • Tachyon Reiki (how to make tachyons)
  • Walking the Rainbow with Dolphin Trilogy Reiki
  • Walking the Rainbow Hawaiian (a follow on of Dolphin Trilogy Reiki)



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