Full Presence: Become fully present upon awakening after night journeys and dream work



Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

About this system:

Full Presence is an energy system that is comprised of 5 Strength Movers of the Light who will also help you more fully return from your night journey dream work.

These Strength Movers are:

Withdraw Extraction


Glorious Reorganization

Heralded Arrival

Reemergence of Calm

Anyone who has ever felt only half here upon waking from their slumber in the morning will love this energy system!  Cosmic Goddess Empowerments utilizes these energies in the morning daily after nightwork.

From the manual:

It can be just as difficult to fully return to conscious awareness after a dream or sleep time in which you are in the middle of your mind’s sorting and sifting of information from the previous days and weeks. Additionally, some sleep time is spent processing information that causes you to learn a lesson or otherwise work through karma. Chances are that those topics are not entirely comfortable, and it can be easy for us to mentally revisit them as we begin our day instead of being fully present here and now! Any of these examples and a multitude more can be causes of not being fully present as you begin your day. Full Presence is designed to help you be fully present no matter the reason why you weren’t completely present. Many people time travel. Oh yes, I’m sure you’ve done it! If you think about the past or think about the future, you are projecting part of your awareness and conscious self into that time! The result is less of you here and now.

Any place you put your attention is your consciousness traveling there.

This isn’t such a bad thing so long as you completely return to this time and place as soon as your thoughts aren’t wandering to wherever you were. When it becomes more of a problem is when part of who you are lingers wherever you were, in places such as night dreams, where situation matters to you. Full Presence is a simple way to fully retrieve yourself back to hereafter you receive your Full Presence attunement you can activate its energies. When you want to an even more comprehensive Full Presence session or feel that doing each step consciously will be more effective, you would call upon each of the Strength Movers of the Light who do this work.


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