Divine Alignment – Soul & Spirit Connection Package


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Connecting to your soul is essentially discovering your true inner being and through this discovery, you are able to align with your purpose, your passions and what makes you feel whole, as well as the Universe.

When you connect to your soul, you awaken a part of yourself that is glorious and magnificent. It is an experience unlike any, that is often transformational and profound. Aligning with your soul will help you to live a conscious, powerful and mindful life, in alignment with your highest purpose.

Your soul is who you truly are deep down, underneath all the labels and titles that you think identify you. When you can align with your soul every day, you will notice how you feel more alive,  more connected, and you will notice that life seems to flow more naturally. You will feel a deeper sense of liberation, happiness, contentment, empowerment and inner peace. You will begin to love and accept yourself greatly, no matter what the circumstances hold.

Includes the following manuals and attunements: Value of package over £ 2 000

  1. Communication with Spirit Guides, Angels & Totem Animals
  2. Cosmic Siblings Empowerment
  3. Diamond Guardian Angel
  4. Elemental Spirit Whisperer
  5. Elven Star Connection Empowerment
  6. Embodiment of Angels Activation
  7. Energy Transference Lightwork
  8. High Magnetic Elixir 999
  9. KorManu
  10. Kryon Essences
  11. Open to the Path of Mediumship Reiki
  12. Rahma Spirit Empowerment
  13. Sacred Machu Picchu Energies
  14. Sai De Mim Spell Flush
  15. Shaman Rattle Reiki
  16. Shaman Visions Mask
  17. Super Power Burst – Prosperity & Abundance Reiki
  18. Ultraviolet Crystal Magnetic Dimension
  19. Walk-In Transitional Alignment
  20. Yesterdays’ Future Reiki Empowerment
  21. Kundalini Fire Reiki (Value $999) – https://sunshineuni-uk.com/product/kundalini-fire-reiki-self-healing-spiritual-growth-transformation/




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