Astral Body Protection




This is a good protection for people who are sensitive to impulses and psychic currents around them, such as conflicts in the workplace, the psychic energy of a fellow rider on a bus, and of course, the fear of war, financial disaster, and other “what ifs.” They are often aware of developing conflict before others around them take notice.

They seem to be “caught” in that emotional and astral plane that we all pass through every night in our dreams – the planes that harbor our personal emotional experiences, along with our notions of heaven and hell, superstitions, and even fairy tale ideas.

Their personality has a disproportionately developed astral body, especially in relationship to the ego, or conscious awareness. Such persons readily receive impressions from other planes of reality; however, these intimations are perceived on the subconscious level, and often produce feelings of fear and foreboding. Even in extreme cases, the fear turns into full-blown anxiety attacks, complete with trembling, bouts of sweating, and fluttery feelings in the stomach.

Astral Body Protection quiets and subdues the astral body, so that the spiritual ego can gain greater strength and awareness. It calms and harmonizes the innate psychic capacities of us, by allowing the conscious mind to receive and process more information. In this way, Astral Body Protection brings greater strength and confidence, and balanced use of soul forces.

Astral Body Protection makes us able to recognize the divine power of love and explore non-material planes of consciousness without fear, and to use them for our own benefit, and that of others. It allows us to once again enter into more subtle planes of consciousness and gain access to higher spiritual spheres. After transformation, we will be able to explore those higher spheres without fear.


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