Magic and Fairies Attunement Package


Includes 49 manuals and attunements sent by chi ball method, for you to call in when you are ready.  Once you have received the attunements, you are able to pass them on to others and charge for them. You will receive one certificate on completion of the attunement package.


Includes the following manuals and attunements / empowerments:


  • Amethyst Fairy Orb
  • Angels & Unicorn Reiki
  • Arkan Sonney Faery Pig Empowerment
  • Beltaine Empowerment
  • Colors of Fairies
  • Crystal Faery Shield
  • Dragon Egg Reiki
  • Enchanted Faery Goddess within Healing System
  • Energy & Magic Fairies
  • Essential Unicorn
  • Ethereal Thief
  • Faery Spirit Healing Reiki
  • Faery Realm of Goddess Morrigan Le Fey Empowerment
  • Faery Floral Empowerment
  • Faery Tree Spirit Energies
  • Fairies of the Roses Empowerment
  • Faires of the Sea
  • Fairy Realms Reiki
  • Fairy Light Ray Key
  • Fairy Queen Mab
  • Flight of the Pegasus
  • Ghobs Reiki
  • Golden Unicorn Healing & Empowerment
  • Green Trilogy
  • Gwragedd Annwn Welsh Water Faerie Empowerment
  • Hina Beautiy, Creativity & Freedom
  • Love and return of Unicorns
  • Love, Laughter, Luck Wish Fairy Empowerment
  • Magical Fairy Kisses
  • Magick of the Unicorn Empowerment
  • Mermaids Empowerment
  • Goddess of Fame & Fate Empowerment
  • Mystical Mermaid Within Healing System
  • Nine Witches
  • Nixsas Reiki
  • Oonagh
  • Paraldas Reiki
  • Pixiie Unicorn Reiki
  • Prospering Power of the Green Fairy
  • Rose Vibrational Clearing Attunement
  • Unicorn Energy Healing System
  • Unicorn Shakti
  • Zana Fairy Empowerment
  • Magickal Lightworker Program 1 -6
  • MLP Initiate
  • Nature Devas and Fairies
  • Nature Mandala
  • Faery Reiki 1
  • Faery Reiki 2

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