Kundalini Omega Minus Function




By Mariah Windsong. This manual includes 5 attunements.

Attunement 1 – Foundation

The Angelic Order of the Ishim assists to raise their consciousness to withstand and thrive at 5th dimensional and higher frequencies.

Attunement 2 – Awaken and Arise

The Kundalini is your sacred sexuality.  No matter what your Kundalini status of awakening this attunement has many benefits.  Kundalini Tummo Reiki energies are dispensed in this attunement.  This ensures ease and provides energetic support during the dissolving of seals that are naturally in your spine.  The seal’s job has been to hold back Kundalini’s rise… the timing of the release of those seals is under the authority of your higher self.

Attunement 3 – Transposition

There are codes of Lightbody for every function within the human body.  These are essentials to shift entropy to regeneration.  This allows you to easily and safely move amongst various states of awareness in more than one place at once simultaneity if you chose.  It ensures that all of who you are that belongs here with you returns from each sojourn.

Attunement 4 – Zeroth Point Energy Configuration

Zeroth Point Energy is a pyramidal configuration that connects you to Eternal Source outside of your physicality.  Axiotonal Lines of Light when activated can connect you with their Celestial counterparts.

Attunement 5 – Omega Minus Function Activation

Omega Minus Function in spiritual terms is best described by the Glossary of the Keys of Enoch, which is included.


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