Reiki Vajra Aruna Master Course – Sastra Vardhana



Reiki Vajra Aruna Master Course

Reiki Vajra Aruna TM is a new form of Reiki. Reiki Vajra Aruna TM accesses the Universal Energy of Vajra and Aruna.

Vajra means Knowledge Which is not Limited. Vajra itself represents Universal Clarification energy, so that a practitioner of Reiki Vajra Aruna TM sill have knowledge of spirituality. Aruna means Star which represents Universal Healing Energy.

Reiki Vajra Aruna (RVA) represents an Universal Energy of Reiki which can give clarification and highest knowledge and also healing to all its practitioners. It is divided into 4 levels with 2 special symbols and also 6 supporting symbols.

Level one – cleanses all negativity in the nadis and all chakras.

Level two – balances the heart chakra and harmonizes RVA energies many times over.

Level three – opens all 72,000 nadis and 358 minor chakras.

Level four is the Master level. Healing becomes more effective and your 3rd eye, pineal and pituitary are opened and activated.

You can give the attunements to others as well as obtaining master symbol of Daikomio and Vajra Aruna.

This course comes with the manual, mastership certificate with lineage and four attunements.

This carries a strong and amazing energy.


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