Intimacy Flush Empowerment



Intimacy Flush Empowerment System  – 7 Powerful Flush Empowerments to Clear Blocks to Spiritual, Emotional, Mental Intimacy

Intimacy Flush Empowerment System

The Intimacy Flush Empowerment system is given to us by Spirit to remove all blocks to intimacy whether those blocks are on a spiritual, social, emotional, sexual or mental level or from early training in life. There are 7 powerful flushes in this empowerment system which will help us to allow our hearts to connect to another so that we experience ease in sharing, experience the feelings of being loved and accept, develop trust and communicate honestly and directly.

Thus, our relationships will have emotional safety where we are able to share our feelings and vulnerabilities with others without fear. We will be free of unrealistic expectations and predetermined ideas about what love is or what is should be and be open to experience authentic love and intimacy.

This energy system will help us to build a sense of security and mutual trust in our relationships and give us freedom from any tendency towards injuring others on purpose. It will bring forward the energy of tenderness so that we are giving gentle expressions of care, love, affectionate contact as essentials to building love and creating intimacy. We will be able to give others the gift of acceptance and no longer hold the weaknesses of others against them rather focusing on their greater qualities.

Open communication will result so that we can discuss anything in our intimate relations with others. This includes sincere expression of our thoughts and feelings as well as careful listening. We will develop a more caring heart and mind so that we think of others before ourselves. We will take responsibility for our actions, recognize our mistakes and express remorse for any hurts caused.

As we are released from anger, desire for revenge and or obsessive thinking about past hurts weare able to give others permission to have weaknesses, make mistakes and changes. We will see the goodness and strengths of others opening room for goodwill towards others and rebuilding relationships when they are damaged.

The Intimacy Flushes

Spiritual Intimacy Flush

Emotional Intimacy Flush

Social/Recreational Intimacy Flush

Early Training Intimacy Flush

Mental/Intellectual Blocks Intimacy Flush

Sexual Intimacy Flush

Financial/Monetary/Abundance Intimacy



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