Cosmic Mystical Plejades




The nymphs… once the virgin companions of Artemis, who were persecuted by Orion, turned into pigeons and finally moved to the sky and today, in our galaxy in a cluster of stars called the Pleiades, which consists of 1200 stars and is 125,000 years old, linger. In Cosmic Mystical Plejades-Nymphs Energy 999, all attributes are ALL types of nymphs and nymphs, as irresistible, mystical-female creatures that no man can resist, their supernatural beauty, seduction, their magic and their purity, combined with cosmic frequencies and rays of light of the Pleiades – soaked with high-magnilateral-magnetic-mystical energies – anchored in the frequency 999.
HUGE waves of energy have emerged that will amaze you…
Essential applications:
Beauty on ALL levels – Rejuvenation – High-energy charisma
Purity – clarity – very strong, energetic cleaning on ALL levels
Magical-mystical-magnetic, glittering aura of beauty
Love on ALL levels and in ALL respects
Very strong increase – expansion of the radiance of the light body
Deep connection – contact with the Pleiades/Nymphs
Individual magical-mystical-cosmic night trainings by the nymphs/pleiades
Partnerships OF A KIND – Love relationships with men
Anchoring of system energies in rooms, jewellery, cosmetics, etc.
Success in ALL respects and at ALL levels
Opening of the 3rd eye – development of psychic abilities
Expansion of Consciousness – Astral Journeys to the Pleiades/Nymphs
Alignment of the TOTAL Being on Divinity
Cosmic-Magical-Magnetic-Mystical Rituals – Magnetic Pleiades 999
Star therapy
Repair and realignment of the TOTAL, human energy system
Cosmic-magical-magnetic-mystical, quantum pleiades-nymph energy 999
Light therapy
Entering other dimensions of light and earth
Contact with light beings from other dimensions of light and earth
Magical-magnetic-mystical manifestation – wish fulfillment
Seduction – extraordinary-magical-magnetic isch-mystical sex appeal
Radiance of a Goddess – Grace – Grandness UVM. !!!


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