Celtic Signs and Goddesses Series


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Includes 12 manuals and attunements:

1-  Libra –  Branwen Goddess

Branwen is the Goddess of justice & compassion. Brandwen is the Welsh Goddess of love and beauty, similar to our so-called Aphrodite. She is considered the Venus of the Northern Seas. She is one of three matriarchal of Britain, along with primary and Rhiannon and Arianrhod Goddess of Avalon.

In some Arthurian legends, Branwen is considered the Lady of the Lake. Libra is the very reincarnation of Goddess Brandwen. As a rule, they do not like to go to noisy places, confusing or disturbing, but they love music, art and design.

All Libra tends to have stable homes, lives and enjoy their homes, gardens and apartments. This Goddess appears in the life of Libra to strengthen the connection with their own essence. The search of this Goddess will help to assess your own power, skills and beauty.

Honoring Branwen you will celebrate with lots of love every moment of your life. Revering Branwen and her feminine principles will put you in direct contact with the magic of nature and all creatures.

2 -Scorpio – Cerridwen Goddess

For the Welsh, Cerridwen is a triple Goddess (maiden, mother and elderly woman), whose totem animal is a large white pig. She is the mother who keeps all the powers of Wisdom and Knowledge. She is the Goddess that we revere in times of difficulties and to cancell any harm. She is the goddess of chaos and peace, of harmony and disharmony. She is associated with death, fertility, inspiration, astrology, herbs, spells, knowledge.Gaulish Goddess of transformation, in which we must enter into the cauldron to be reborn. Cerridwen is the witch, the dark side as Cailleach, where those who do not understand, usually fear.

Cerridwen is the goddess of prophetic powers. She is the keeper of the cauldron, in which inspiration and divine knowledge are brewed. In Magic an ritual, Cerridwen is at home during harvest rites, in all spells for wisdom and knowledge, and at waning moon festivals.

Gaulish Goddess of transformation, in which we must enter into the cauldron to be reborn. Cerridwen is the witch, the dark side as Cailleach, where those who do not understand, usually fear.

3-Capricorn  – Scáthach Goddess

Goddess Scathach was known as Woman who sows the Fear. Goddess whose kingdom was the Isle of Skye (Shadow), which trained young people in arts war and hunting.Scathach taught Cuchulainn the techniques of a warrior and also the mysteries of sex. According to the legend, she offered him “the friendship of her thighs.” All Celtic Warriors were known as an angry erotic lover, even being a fearsome enemy.

Scathach represents the sun sign Capricorn.Equally to the Goddess Scathach, the Capricorn are able to rule the world and always be attracted by strong men and men who practice strength training or exercise themselves intellectually.

4- Taurus  –  Arianrhod Goddess

Arianrhod is the representation of the Mother who is ever virgin, pure. She who gives birth, but that does not belong to no man. She is the Goddess of Moon, Fertility and Fate. Her name literally means “Silver Wheel”.

In Celtic tradition, this Goddess is presented in two forms, as Virgin and Mother, Patron of the Moon, Night, Sexuality, Justice, Magic and Destiny. Later, she is presented as a Mother Goddess, rotating the silver wheel and turning it into a Moon boat.

As your Goddess conductor, she is a Goddess of Home, that want your house to be warm and full of love. It is important to remember that every aspect of the Goddess is one aspect that you can recognize within yourself.

The connection to the Goddess Arianrhod can help you understand the historical task of female initiation.Arianrhod arrives in the life of taurine to reveal her vision of the Universal Garden of Eden, her Avalonian Heaven Island. It is a vision of harmony and wholeness. It is also a vision of justice among races and species, where the gifts of life are incredibly good, but mortal and ephemeral, and where you can unlock your emotional affinity with nature.

She is the Goddess of reincarnation and over sees the dead between their incarnations and protects us between as we leave this life and move into the next life. The ancient astrologers in Wales took their forecasting from the Moon‟s position and her relationship to the stars, Arianrhod, as we know as the “Milky Way.”

Arianrhod‟s presence gives us our sense of eternity and our timeless journey through the process of living, dying and being reborn. Our mother the moon is her voice that translates the wisdom, courage and independence all women need to stand on their own. Our sense of well being is not defined by men or the laws of men. Men can not have power over us as long as we know who we are and what we need to do

5-  Gemini – Maeve  Goddess

She was the supreme goddess of the Earth with her mystic center at Tara. Over time the Irish culture changed under Christian influence and then, Maeve was reduced to a mere mortal queen. But no mortal could have been like her, “intoxicating,” one woman “intoxicating”, seductive, which ran with the horses talking to the birds and led men to the heat of desire with a mere look.She is the Queen of Connacht, symbolizes feminine power and is the personification of the earth itself and its prosperity.

Mauve helps activate the twin-wild that lives within you, allowing it to bring you big surprises in love and work. This Goddess will strengthen your innovative spirit, agile and daring. Maeve commands that you resume responsibility for your life.Maeve has appearedto indicate that it is time to take stock of where you give away your personal power through avoidance and blame. Once againyou must become accountable for, all that you do, all that you are and all that you believe. Are there circumstances in your life that you feel you are no longer in charge of?

Have you returned to a practice or past-time that you know does notwork for you? What habits and addictions do you refuse to let go of because you feel helpless. Maeve reminds us that we are the rulers of our own domain, and responsible for every response or situation that occurs in our life. Life’s difficulties are an explanation not an excuse.

6- Aquarius – Rhiannon Goddess

Her name means “Divine Queen of the Fairies”, and she is considered a Goddess of the Moon, she is also known as the Goddess of birds, enchantments, fertility and the underworld. Rhiannon is represented by the White Mare. She identifies with the night, the emotion, the blood, the drama.

We can identify Rhiannon with the Aquarians, because as Goddess of the Fairies, they also like the unusual, the alternative and the strange. All Aquarians are explorers, always looking for new and interesting land to discover.

Rhiannon should be invoked in spells involving stars and astrological practices.Rhiannon gallops into your life to tell you how to work with doubt. To doubt someone or something when your instincts are giving you warning signals is healthy. To spend time doubting yourself is self-negating and not very helpful. The best way of working with self-doubt is to turn it into self- questioning. Self-doubt leads you nowhere. Self-questioning gives you answers. You can give Rhiannon your grief, disappointment that you carry with you and she will ride off with it and remove it from you.

7- Pisces Blodeuwedd Goddess

Blodeuwedd name means “Flower Face”, which refers to her origins, as well as the association with the owl, which in Wales, still bears this name as her reference. Blodeuwedd is a goddess made of flowers representing the natural beauty and will help you realize your own natural beauty. She will also help you to choose between two loves.The areas of Goddess Blodeuwedd are all issues related to love, beauty and seduction.

Women who have this archetype active, like falling in love and making love. Physically, radiate great sex appeal. When they arrive anywhere, the eyes do not leave men to perceive them.The mysteries and rituals of love are their domains and they can have a good time plotting and planning their cases.However, when they get disappointments, they are able to leave the romance quickly.We all experience the influence of the Goddess Blodeuwedd when we ovulate, fourteen days before menstruation. This is also the most auspicious time to perform a ritual in her honor, or to activate her.With the help of Blodeuwedd the pisces can dive or surf in a sea of flowers and live exciting moments.

8 –  Leo  – Macha  Goddess

Macha is the Goddess who embodies essentially the solar spirit, so the noon hour in the sun is at its zenith, this is the best time to invoke her. Her father was the “Aed the Red” and her mother was Ernmas (female druid).

It is she that will help give more emphasis to your mood, attracting wealth, success and more dynamism to the life of the Lioness Macha was also a leader of wisdom, physical strength, sexuality, fertility, and mastery over men.

9- Cancer –  Dana Goddess

Danu, she is the largest Mother Goddess of Celtic mythology. Her name “Dan” means knowledge and has been preserved in Welsh mythology as the Goddess Don, while other sources equated her to the Goddess Anu. In Iberia, the supreme deity of the Celtic pantheon is considered to take direct control of light and fire.

Danu is the great goddess of the Tuatha De Danann and associated with the Fairy Hills.

It was Danu guarantees the physical safety, protection and justice. Dana is a Triple Goddess Star who ruled many tribes. Invoke her to a starand she will seek everywhere for love for you. Let the energy of heaven within you act and render to the simplest sensations and their more complex abstractions.

10 Aries – Morrigan Goddess

Morrigan’s virtues soverignity, fire and charisma favor these virtues in the proud Aryans. She encourages them to regain sovereignty over their own lives and converting them to masters of their own destiny.. Morrigan is the Patron of the Battlefield. Triple Goddess of Fertility, War and Magic. The myths tell us that she is a member of the Tuatha of Danann, and lover of the great Dagda and Lugh.

Morrigan is magically powerful and when invoked will help everyone but especially woman to perform their own magic. Included in pdf manual is a ritual to invoke Morrigan to do so.

11- Sagitarius Sadbh Goddess

Sadbhir is the Goddess of the Hunt and the Lady of all things wild. All women who have this archetype are very active, are independent, have their own thinking and are emancipated.

The Sagitariana, as its ruler Goddess is active, cheerful, likes sports, is always a thousand. They prefer to meet exciting, adventurous, athletic and outdoors, instead of chocolates and flowers. Gentle and romantic schemes tend not to impress her. With the temperament governed by fire, they like to disagree with others, just to have a sense of freedom and, even in matters of the heart, always want to have the last word.

A Goddess of the Hunt warns that her life will be full of emotions and you should be ready to face these changes head-on.

Let things roll and learn from your mistakes and successes, because you only grow if you have the courage to accept challenges

12- Virgo- Brighid  Goddess

Brighid is the Goddess of the Forge, childbirth, poetry and healing, has a strong connection with the bards and shamans.

Brighid is also the Goddess of Fire, the spark of life, and even today retains the custom of the perpetual fire kept in his temple in Kildare in the Church of Oak, province of Leinster, eastern Ireland.

In the Arthurian myth, the Sword that symbolizes Arthur’s isExcalibur, forged by women in Avalon, the Isle of Apples. Brighid also had a magical apple orchard, where the bees traveled to get the nectar blessed, besides being the Guardian of Wells in Britain and Ireland, known as the Voice of the Sovereign Goddess.

Brighid is a virgin forever young, healing diseases, purifying our homes, protecting us from dangers and puts words in the mouths of poets.


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