Nazar Bonjuk Amulet Energy Attunement



Against Evil Eye its magical value is very great!

The Nazar Bonjuk in Turkish, or simply the Turkish eye is a popular amulet against the “evil eye” typical of Turkey and all Arab countries, also it is also present in other countries.

It is basically a blue eye.

A typical nazar is made of handmade glass featuring concentric circles or teardrop shapes in dark blue, white, light blue and black, occasionally with a yellow/gold edge

Very useful to protect you from people who harm you consciously or unconsciously via evil eye.

It will build a protective auric shield around your body for you. It protects you and removes evil eye.

You will receive a PDF manual and 1 certificate, and attunement sent by chi ball method.  Once you have received the attunement, you are able to pass it on to others.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN AMULET NECKLACE, IT IS AN ETHERIC ATTUNEMENT.




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