Acclimation Rays Master



When a person acclimates to something they get accustomed to a new climate or condition in their life. Some places it is written as acclimization but in US English they write it as acclimation. If someone does not get accustomed to the new conditions their body and emotions become stressed and their mental acuity drops along with their immunity. Performance, whether physical or mental declines and their natural resistance to disease and illness also declines. When a person acclimates to the new conditions, be they environmental or interpersonal (related to social interaction or relationship changes) they are able to maintain or increase their effectiveness in all areas of their life. Most people can acclimate if they are given sufficient time. It is the gap in time between encountering the changed environmental or other life conditions and the time they finally acclimate that can be very uncomfortable.
Some people do not even realize why they feel unbalanced. Acclimation Rays may be useful in many situations such as:
  • Someone moves in or out of your home
  • Someone who is usually near to you starts spending more time at work
  • someone who you are close to must travel and be away from you
  • relative or spouse dies
  • break up with boy/girlfriend/spouse
  • new relationship agreements are set forth either positive or not preferred
  • your child goes away to college or school
  • a friend has a change in their life and is not around often
  • you put an end to an unhealthy friendship and feel emptiness afterwards
  • you travel for any reason and are not familiar with the environment
  • acclimating to a new environment even if you looked forward to it such as a vacation destination
  • increased responsibility in your daily life care of a senior family member
  • increased responsibility due to a new born in your family
  • children take on new sports or classes so now you have more to do
  • and so much more


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