International Diploma Course Choices:


graduation cap diploma isolated on a white background

Elective Subjects (your choice): (+ 9 compulsory subjects)

NOTE: You don’t have to choose your subjects all at once – you can choose them as you go along, if easier for you.

BASIC DIPLOMA: 1 pink subject, 1 green subjects, 1 purple

STD DIPLOMA: 1 pink subject, 3 green subjects, 2 blue and 3 purple subjects

HIGHER DIPLOMA: 1 pink subject, 6 green subjects, 3 blue subjects, 4 purple subjects and 1 orange subject

MASTER DIPLOMA: 2 pink subjects, 8 green subjects, 4 blue subjects, 6 purple subjects and 2 orange subjects

You are able to swop 1 blue subject for 2 green subjects or vice versa, however, are required to take at least 1 blue subject.  You can also swop 1 green subject for 2 purple subjects. The pink, blue and orange subjects are interchangeable.



  H1 Munay Ki Etheric Rites
  H2 Reiki Master Level
  H3 Karuna Reiki 1 to Masters
  H4 Order of the Golden Dragon Levels 1 –  3
  H5 Celestial Series
  H6 Psychic Protection & Development Package
  H7 New Earth Teacher 1 – 9
  H8 Celestial Encodings
  H9 Cosmic Consciousness Package
  H10 Ashati Levels 1 – 3
  H11 Chios Energy Field Healing


  G1 Etheric Clearing Empowerments
  G2 Reiki Level 1 – Advanced
  G3 Crystal Healing
  G4 Awakening your Intuition & Channelling
  G5 7 Archangels & Rays Attunements (Colours of Angels, Sapphires of Angels, Angelic Empowerments & Universal Rays)
  G6 Introduction to Aromatherapy
  G7 Rites & Ceremonies
  G8 Feng Shui, Space Clearing & Earth’s Energy Systems
  G9 Past Life Regression
  G10 Native American Studies
  G11 Dolphins of Atlantis Healing System AND 20 Angel Essences
  G12 Ama Deus Shamanic Healing System AND Sacred Breath
  G13 Sacred Earth Energy System AND Nature Medicine Mandala Empowerment
  G14 Tibetan Soul Star Reiki
  G15 Kundalini Reiki 1 to Masters
  G16 Mahatma Ascension Reiki


  P1 Angel Package
  P2 Archangel Package
  P3 a Dragon Spirit Package 1
  P3 b Dragon Spirit Package 2
  P3 c Dragon Spirit Package 3
  P4 Dolphins & Whales Package
  P5 Subtle Energies Package
  P6 Mystery Mastery Healing System 1 – 3
  P7 Mystery Mastery Healing System 4 – 6
  P8 a Atlantis & Lemuria Package 1
  P8 b Atlantis & Lemuria Package 2
  P8 c Atlantis & Lemuria Package 3
  P9 Shaman Package
  P10 Mystery Mastery Healing System 7 – 8
  P11 Abundance and Manifestation Package
  P12 Animal Medicine Empowerment Package


  B1 Crystal Reflexology
  B2 Animal Communication & Healing
  B3 Shamanism & Shamanic Empowerments
  B4 Ma’heo’o Reiki
  B5 Hawaiian Goddess Initiations, Hawaiian Trinity Reiki & Ho’omana
  B6 Healer’s Package
  B7 Animal Healing Package
  B8 Ascension Consciousness Package
  B9 Egyptian Cartouche
  B10 Hawaiian Huna Reiki, Huna Empowerments & Introduction to Huna
  B11 Egyptian Energies Package
  B12 Crystal & Herbs Energies Package


  PP1 Etheric Cord Flush
  PP2 Energy Builder
  PP3 Meridian Flush 1 – 10
  PP4 Aura Flush
  PP5 Allowing Abundance and Money Empowerment
  PP6 12 Strand DNA Activation
  PP7 Chakra Flush
  PP8 Earth Energy Boost
  PP9 Silver Violet Flame
  PP10 You are Love Activation
  PP11 Healing Attunements
  PP12 Golden Triangle Healing
  PP13 Chakra Healing Attunements
  PP14 Independence Empowerment & Sadness Release
  PP15 Abundance Flush
  PP16 DNA Shakti
  PP17 Akashic Records
  PP18 Happiness Flush
  PP19 Mental Flush
  PP20 Resentment Flush
  PP21 Stop Smoking Flush
  PP22 Bereavement Flush
  PP23 Serenity Flush
  PP24 Good Sleep Empowerment
  PP25 Spell, Curse & Hex Removal Flush
  PP26 Weight Loss Reiki
  PP27 Cosmic Soulmate Love Connection
  PP28 Cosmic Siblings (find your soul family)
  PP29 13 Crystal Skulls
  PP30 Business Metaphysics Protection
  PP31 Astral Body Protection