International Diploma Courses

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These diploma courses contain a mix of practitioner courses, self and spiritual development courses, as well as attunement packages and single attunements.  You can jump right into the Master Diploma, or you can start out with less courses on the Standard Diploma, and upgrade later if you like to one of the other diploma courses. Choose the wording on your final certificate – International Diploma in Advanced Energy Healing, or International Diploma in Natural Therapies, or International Diploma in Advanced Energy Healing and Natural Therapies.

These exciting diploma courses are home study courses – you learn at your own pace, with no pressure on deadlines!  One of the unique features of this course is that it includes self-healing and self-development tools, as well as various practitioner courses, enabling you to grow your healing practice and have more to offer your clients.


    • Wide variety of practitioner courses AND self-development courses
    • 9 compulsory courses and choose your own remaining courses from colour-coded sections
    • Affordable payment plans available
    • Comprehensive easy to read format
    • All supplementary materials provided (meditations, e-books, videos, etc.)
  • Student support via e-mail from the principal and vice principal – no random virtual assistants


    • Study at your own pace, with no pressure of deadlines or penalties
    • Gives you a competitive edge by expanding your knowledge and range of offerings to clients
    • Begin at any time of the year – no need to wait for “registration to open”
  • Provides you with valuable self-development tools, for both your personal and spiritual growth

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Course choices

Basic Diploma

The Basic Diploma option comprises 12 subjects, 9 of which are compulsory and 3 of your choice.

Ask for an enrolment form – £269

Standard Diploma

The Standard Diploma option comprises 18 subjects, 9 of which are compulsory and 9 of your choice.

Higher Diploma

The Higher Diploma option comprises 23 subjects, 9 of which are compulsory and 14 of your choice.

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Master Diploma

The Master Diploma option comprises 31 subjects, 9 of which are compulsory and 22 of your choice.