Attunement Package for Children & Teenagers


Includes 17 PDF manuals and attunements sent by chi ball method, for you to call in at your convenience.

You can receive these attunements first, and then pass them on to your child/ren yourself, or we can attune them directly – your choice 🙂 (recommended, so that you can pass on to other children or parents too, if needed).  The Parental Pattern attunement is for the parent/s to receive (whether biological parent/s or not).


These attunements have been put together in this package to help children and teenagers to gain confidence and a sense of self-worthiness, as well as to help them find motivation, peace, calmness and overcome anxiety, trauma, separation, loss, and retreat to a sacred space (Magical Forest). It also helps them to raise their consciousness, open their hearts to joy and compassion, and connect them to Mother Earth.  And of course, very importantly, for healing and protection.

Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  • Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki
  • Celtic Deities – Rhiannon
  • Celtic Signs – Cancer – Goddess Dana
  • Children’s Joy Empowerment
  • Essence of Love and Friendship
  • Ethereal Emerald Green
  • Hanta Yo Mantra Empowerment
  • Holy Grace Vibrational Healing
  • Light Dragon
  • Parental Pattern
  • Protection Healing Orb
  • Psychic Unicorn Wisdom Reiki
  • Star Power
  • The Sacred Indigo Ray
  • The Cippus
  • The Magical Forest
  • Worthiness Reiki

The value of these attunements is ÂŁ535


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