Crystal Healing & Manifestation Package



Includes the following manuals and attunements:

If each manual is purchased separately the cost is £25 / $30 per manual

1- Smoky Quartz Crystal Healing and Manifestation 
Smoky Quartz is a very protective crystal. The energies of this system connects you to the energy of the Smoky Quartz and to source energy. I have used Smoky Quartz to protect against negativity and psychic attacks. This crystal is powerful and very strong. Using Smoky Quartz for healing clears out negativity from your energy fields and chakras. It is an amazing crystal that brings clarity and strength.
2- Ruby Crystal Healing and Manifestation 

Rubies are very beautiful and their energy carries elements of beauty and love. They are a power crystal in strength and empowerment energy. Rubies help with prosperity and love. This system connects you to the energy of rubies, and to pure source energy for healing and manifestation.

3- Rose Quartz Crystal Healing and Manifestation 

This system connects you to the amazing power of rose quartz for crystal healing and empowerment. The energies of Rose Quartz Crystal Healing and Manifestation is amazing. It works especially well in helping to heal heart disease, stress, and anxiety. It opens you to love of self and others and also forgiveness. While it is not necessary to have a rose quartz to work with the energies of this system, using a rose quartz will enhance the energies of both healing and manifestation.
4 –Golden Topaz Crystal Healing and Manifestation
Golden Topaz is a power crystal. It works with the solar plexus chakra and things that are connected to it. The energy of this system is sunny, golden, and powerful. It connects you to the energy of golden topaz and your higher self. This is a perfect crystal to use to help you with achieving your goals in manifestation, and also for healing and raising your energy.
5- Clear Quartz Crystal Healing and Manifestation
Clear Quartz is a master crystal. It is perfect and powerful for healing, and manifestation. This system connects you to clear quartz and to pure source energy. Clear Quartz is also a wonderful stone for any high energy work, including spiritual connections to the other side, and psychic meditations. The energies of clear quartz vary because there are so many types—some have rainbows, others are perfect in size and shape, while others are double terminated. All Clear Quartz are very powerful, and any of the other inclusions or shapes, etc. just add to the energy and give more perspectives and directions to use them.
6- Aqua Marine Crystal Healing and Manifestation
Aqua Marine is a very high energy, soothing, cleansing crystal. Its beauty radiates love, acceptance, and peace within. The energies of this attunement connect you to Aqua Marine and to pure source energy for healing, empowerment, and manifestation. This is a powerful system and is easy to use. While you do not have to have an Aqua Marine crystal to use this energy, it will enhance and give you an extra boost of power.
7-Garnet Crystal Healing and Manifestation 
This system connects you to the energy of the Garnet and to source energy. Garnets are wonderful crystals! They are very protective and they bring good energy for love and money to you. They work on the root chakra to balance it and energize it. Using the Garnet for healing is powerful, in that it helps with fertility, speeds healing, and purifies the blood. It helps with removing toxins. When used for manifestation, the Garnet helps with manifesting things necessary for survival, such and food, shelter, reproduction, etc. It works to help bring in more steady, secure finances.
8-Amethyst Crystal Healing and Manifestation 
This system works to connect you to the energy of amethyst and also to pure source energy. Amethyst is a beautiful crystal the helps with healing, transmutation, transitions, and manifestation. The purple color of amethyst is good for surrounding yourself with peace, calm, serenity as well. This is a powerful energy that helps you to find inner peace so that you can prevent illness, and heal quickly.
9-Sapphire Crystal Healing and Manifestation
Sapphires open the third eye, and help with enhancing psychic abilities. The system connects you to the energy of the sapphire and also to higher source energy for healing and manifestation. In healing the blue color brings in a fluid, power of peace, and heightens awareness. This stone is just beautiful, deep, and can be dark blue till the light shines on it revealing its true color. In this way it also works with your emotional energy to allow you to access the depths of the psychic intuition etc.  In manifestation it adds a steady stream of deep power to your intention to manifest your desires quickly.
10 –Emerald Crystal Healing and Manifestation
This system connects you to the energy of emeralds and to pure source energy. Emeralds work to clear and heal the heart chakra and are excellent for manifesting success and money. The draw to you what your heart desires with love and abundance. In healing use emeralds to heal emotions and heart disease. Emeralds are powerful, yet their power has a beautiful, richness feel to it. They are perfect for working to manifest big ticket items.


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